The IDF revealed terror tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel territory.

אזור המנהרה, צילום: Google Earth

For a publication that the IDF revealed last week in a tunnel 2
Miles, from southern Gaza Strip dug into Kibbutz ein hashlosha. Southern Command Chief: “don’t go through it to the agenda.”

תאריך: 13/10/2013, 09:01    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן ומערכת אתר צה”ל

חשיפת המנהרה בעין השלושה

For release: IDF revealed last week that tunnel dug from the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian territory, Israeli territory in the area of Kibbutz ein hashlosha.

The tunnel was disclosed at a depth of about 15 meters below the Earth’s surface and about 2 miles long. The tunnel exposed lighting and railways for transporting small trolley apparently designed to move terrorists or abducted soldiers, in speed. Estimates are that the tunnel was built for more than a year.

The IDF revealed terror tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel territory.

“The tunnel was built for purposes of terrorism and potential terrorist attack thwarted,” June said today South command Chief Gen. Sami turgeman, “this terrorist tunnel penetrated Israel territory thus
A violation of its sovereignty. It is made more serious, you can use these tunnels.
In order to harm civilians and soldiers, and this is a flagrant violation of the understandings from pillar.

In addition, said the Commander of the central command that they built the tunnel materials construction materials that Israel had transferred to the State to be useful. “We allowed the entry of building materials
The Gaza Strip and Hamas used cynical of kindness, has invested the resources to terrorist purposes “, explained Gen. turgeman,” as of this morning we stopped building materials to Gaza. It is necessary to use light we saw Hamas rather than build public welfare they build such tunnels.

Gen. turgeman said that “don’t go through it to the agenda. Continue efforts
Explore the tunnels. This tunnel can be used to attack bomb and bringing terrorists, it’s operational infrastructure that can serve them many opportunities. “

Gaza Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Mickey Edelstein, said that “we see in this activity a grave breach of the girls and see Hamas as responsible for terrorism coming from Gaza. This is the third tunnel discovered this year which is the most advanced and new tactics were used to discover it. There, we are looking for them and do what is necessary in order to deal with these threats. “

Ya’alon: “further proof that Hamas had held against Israel conflict.”

The Minister of Defense, Moshe (bogey) Ya’alon, referred today to the tunnel and said that “exposes the Gaza Strip border tunnel of terror is further proof that the terrorist organization Hamas, despite the calm imposed and which occurs due to the fourth’s deterrent force, continues to prepare for confrontation against Israel and State terrorism should feel that it is possible.”

The IDF revealed terror tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel territory.

Minister Ya’alon added that “the tunnel fourth forces deserve all praise, since it prevented attempts by Israeli civilians who live near the border and fourth forces which are in the area. On the fourth and the security forces to continue to expose additional attempts of Hamas and other terrorist organizations to harm citizens of Israel and in the fourth, and soldiers from all concerned to maintain maximum vigilance because our working assumption is that whenever trying terrorist in Gaza to dig additional tunnels to be used
To have carried attacks as soon as possible “.

Just last week, general staff Chief of the Beni Gantz, the various possible scenarios for the next war, IDF will deal with her saying that, among other things, there is a scenario in which terrorist groups dig tunnels to bomb Israel territory. At a Conference at the Center for Sadat said Gantz, Lieutenant General “this is a campaign whose origins may be in accurate missile toward building closer to the heart of the campus, or cyber attack on site services
Israel citizens everyday – the lights stop working, or the banks will be disabled. She can open a booby-trapped tunnel that will lead to the collapse of a kindergarten or a charge for settling
Next set. “

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