The IDF said 51 years of operation “kadesh”

On 29 October 1956 in key Chinese travel to the Gaza Strip • seven days later, after the battle, troops flanking on the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip •
That became a milestone in Israeli army’s legacy

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Chinese system, also known as “operation kadesh”, known as the comprehensive operation conducted by the IDF until that time. She was Israel’s preventive war to solve three problems in relations with neighbor Egypt. The first terrorist activity. With the conclusion of the war of independence began operation of illegal immigration to Israel for theft, robbery, sabotage and murder. In April 1955, with units of the “piadion” subject to Egyptian intelligence was. In response to the terrorist acts, Israel responded incessant in reprisals directed against military targets in the countries from which came the infiltrators. These actions, aimed at was punishment and deterrence, not put the end sabotage operations.

The second problem? freedom. Egypt blocked the move before Israel in the Suez Canal in 1951 and two years later prevented goods entering Israel even in alien ships. In 1953 Egypt blocked the Israeli cruise oxidase and September
1955 expanded this closure also Tiran airspace. Another problem was undermining the balance of power. The arms deal was signed by Egypt and Chile in September 55 ‘ flow
Soviet weapons to Egypt in a quantity and quality on everything that was in the ring so far and undermined once the balance of armament and Israel’s deterrent force.

Between national circumstances challenged Israel to fulfill its conditions, and Israel also has support of two bones-United Kingdom and France. The IDF was prepared to offer.
Operational plans were previously prepared and entered her changes as required by the cooperation with the great powers. On 25 October he began recruiting step-by-step reserve
We have gathered as due to tensions with Jordan, and therefore allow achieving complete surprise on the Egyptian front.

On 29 October, at exactly 4:16, “Dakota” aircraft accompanied by Chinese border fighters. No enemy aircraft appears. 395 fighters from the paratroopers at otznho East of the mitla pass, about 70 miles east of the Suez Canal. “The concentration of skydiving was great”, said one of the commanders that troops hotznho. In doing so, complete within 20 minutes, no enemy resistance, develop IDF “operation kadesh”.

On the morning of October 30th Brigade prevented 202, conquered Mead and נח’ל, and with dinner
The mitla pass parachute regiment in. “At 4:00 we started. Each tank upside down and there were three. We need more long-term opened fire, but it wasn’t purposeful. It’s risen hour solar storm blowing and blinded the enemy, “said the Commander who led the troops, adding:” tprsano. One force deployed זחל”מים the right way. Power on the left זחל”מים and third force on wheels moves as a result. As we approached the barbed wire, we smoke and the smoke and the dust returned-structure and
Back on the road.

The main axis of ktsiima and tzbacha, were from foreign posts of Abu-ageila. Because of the delay in the ktsiima the command decided, Asaf simhoni, cast the battle armor Division 7, a day before its scheduled time. The Division moved to Abu-ageila in two axes, a way-beyond the diica iachan. On the third day of the beginning of the war seized the 7th armored brigade
The Abu-ageila, roaipa dam complex beside and Jebel Livni and progressed to Bir El and Hasna al. 10 Division failed to conquer a complex Abu-ageila and Lilith attack of 37 Brigade also disrupted and bone marrow. At night the Egypt the next day and he fell in.

Air force, which opened the food operation in the sling and hanging up the phone lines, and assist the forces destroyed the Egyptian forces in the Sinai. In addition, the task force performed reconnaissance and casualty evacuation and liaison. On 1 November the British and joined French forces to war and cutting the air force of Egypt, until the same time struggling with Chinese name with the Israeli air force.

The remaining four days the IDF continued to fight in various locations until
Occupation of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula. The Navy, which subdued the Egyptian destroyer “HMS Mendip” Haifa signed rocked it tonight, when two frigates choose an
Straits of Tiran, came after they had done all the way around Africa.

Estimating the casualties on the Israeli side was 177 soldiers who gave their souls during the operation in which the IDF military supremacy demonstrated in land, air and sea.


Translated from Hebrew