The IDF spokesperson in response to visitor: most of the lessons presented in the report have been implemented already.

IDF welcomes audit on behalf of the State Comptroller. After the voyage, without waiting for external body, broad and comprehensive manner to investigate the aspects of real and thorough aspiration for lessons

תאריך: 13/06/2012, 12:43    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

State Comptroller Micha lindenstrauss issued today (Wednesday) the audit report on Gaza flotilla a provocation to events that occurred in May 2010. The report discusses, among other things, also asbertis aspects of the voyage, and he refers partly for spokesperson
In the course of events.

IDF welcomes audit on behalf of the State Comptroller is committed to full cooperation with the audit firm, the audit findings and attaches great importance to the process.
It should be emphasized that after the flotilla, and without waiting for an external body, in broad and comprehensive manner to investigate the aspects of real and thorough aspiration for lessons and implement them.

In this context, many important lessons learned, all the main aspects related to dealing with land and broad and the future. Most of the lessons are already implemented,
In practice, dealing with flotillas to break the maritime blockade imposed on
The Gaza Strip.

Above all, the Turkel Committee determined that the move taken by the IDF was justified by the rules of international humanitarian law and that the apprehension of the vessel was invalid. The Committee also determined that the training and preparations made for the operation were very thorough and placing of very senior officers, including former Navy commander, illustrates the seriousness of many that refer to the entire operation.

In coordination with the relevant information, the IDF and IDF Division, operated in full coordination to the extent possible, with the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister, responsible and active approach.

The IDF spokesman was published certification process between the military hierarchy and distribution of images from the sea occurred later than planned due to operational requirements and the certification process previous takes.

In light of these delays, the processes both within and across from the IDF.
Furthermore, immediately after the voyage produced the lessons about transmitting visual materials quickly and therefore purchased advanced measures and adjusted operating concept.

Translated from Hebrew