The IDF spokesperson indicate פז”מולדת

דובר צה”ל, ביום גיוסו

Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai (Foley) was drafted. What has changed and what remains of the army of those days? “The IDF strengthened and, since then,” he says.

תאריך: 08/08/2012, 18:04    
מחבר: תא”ל יואב (פולי) מרדכי

Today, thirty years ago I joined the army, a Golani Brigade battalion 51. In those days, the army had conducted “raful” all the soldiers were with army berets on their heads and was in the midst of the Lebanon war in Lebanon, the Greek outfit many years during services.

Nostalgic look to days I Zahal. strengthened and stronger since then.
I see the Merkava tank, the field gun and the boats between the waves.

However, I understand that there are also things that aren’t in the variables: today everything still divided in groups (which is why I have three daughters) and hard only bread and eat it.

Even the motivation, creativity and persistence of our sons and daughters remained in effect, and the IDF remained amalgamated crystallization fusion reactor all levels of society.

Translated from Hebrew