“The IDF standing at the forefront of technology in the field of ICT training”

So said Lieutenant Colonel Yigal pedal, Deputy Commander of the C4I Corps, during the day the soldiers. Selected day 15 students in the field of ICT in guidance

תאריך: 01/11/2011, 15:39    
מחבר: אביחי חיים, אתר צה”ל

Last week took place at “d 7 of the C4I Corps instructors training day and an array of manual controls. With hundreds of soldiers, commanders and instructors
The force, in the event of 15 students.

“Every year we have this training day, us a platform for exchanging information between all the major schools and secondary levels with unique content,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Yigal pedal to the IDF website, Deputy Commander of the BA “national school ICT deals with the content and technology base operations all IDF training ” to a world of learning is very complex and it is important to exchange information and knowledge that each day his Porsche. That information must be shared in the world of technology we are dealing
And we need to set an example and be the pillar of fire before the camp when it comes to sharing information. ”

Yigal was referring to advanced technological means with age, with an emphasis on the benefits of the network. “Today almost everything in the network. We got here today, the soldier wants to convey a lesson on a particular radio, can pull content from the network and do a long distance learning Lots of thing saves resources to joke because the instructors don’t need to base it requires training, but at the touch of a button, they get the information, “explained Lieutenant Colonel pedal.

Lieutenant Colonel pedal explained that the IDF’s great personal stands on the cutting edge among the armies of the world. Schools engaged in the C4I and belong to various armies come to learn
The content from us and our training capabilities. These recently exonerated the Chief Prize in the world of e-learning content. He noted that the main element in the subject tcshovity orientations based on the habits of attention and concentration of prospective recruits to, “therefore we learning systems that will be attractive for active youth. Our impression is that it works very well.

Maj. revital bar-Gill explained that selected students from all over the expeditionary force excelled particularly in the field of command and training. “The soldiers and instructors initiatives, developing the ICT sector in the IDF and their time and energy in favour of progress.
The theme, “noted major bar-Gil. She said “the soldiers intended to create interaction between all the parties involved in ICT training, as well as to enrich the soldiers in terms of the knowledge they possess.

Translated from Hebrew