The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

אבטיפוס של מטוס הF-35 בטיסת ניסוי בארצות הברית. צילום ארכיון

How Israel Defense Forces show of the Decade: virtual reality glasses.
The Warrior alive, shooting robots and sophisticated aircraft in the world, to store classified applications. Exclusive

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מחבר: יעל זהבי, דנה פטרוב ויפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

65 years have passed since the Declaration of independence mean 65 years of IDF operations, battles and operations and day-to-day reality forced him to keep fit and technological operations that complete all steps preceding an enemy State. Global proportions 65 years is not long at all, but are also fairly small chapter, past many upheavals and IDF far-reaching changes, which made him one of the strongest and most advanced armies in the world.

In honor of the 65th independence day of the State of Israel and the IDF, we examine the next revolution: how would look in 10 years, in various locations, the warriors and the robots, can sound like science fiction. While flying, but no tanks with binoculars from Central sapling, carpeted, an unmanned vehicle fires and robes disappeared. More sophisticated military, more effective and more lethal.

Independent robots, and shooters.

Now the public knows soldiers only robots science fiction movies, and the media always extreme reality, but in this case this is not a topic that best Israeli minds dedicate time and energy consuming. In use for several years in a tool
An unmanned aircraft, and watercraft entered this phase of activity, the next is using tools
Also an unmanned land-shaped robots and (an unmanned vehicles).

Both of these technologies can be seen in a limited way today; At the border.
Use as is which and a lookout Explorer according to its operators, thereby saving unnecessary risk of soldiers and robots are used in different units of יה”לם (engineering unit for special tasks) of combat engineering corps.

The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

Unmanned aerial vehicles on patrol on the fence in Gaza. “Electronics will explode, and the soldiers.” Photo archive

The goal of GoC army headquarters is in a decade we could see much bigger number of such tools, and more advanced than exists today. “Today we are at the beginning of the project” border guard “(c) he also patrols vehicles on the border fence, but it is more massive than the current tool, with computerized systems, observation and a remote machine installed”, told IDF website רמ”ד and Robotics in GoC army headquarters, Maj. Lior Trabelsi.

The Jack we can see enters operational before 2023, since it is designed to be absorbed in sectors already next year, but the distant future holds a lot of Robotics world.
Dry wing vision of combining an unmanned instruments in the world-i.e. maneuver in depth battle alongside a manned. “We could see jeeps, tanks, נגמ”שים and all kinds of tools to be staffed, which move with the troops and manipulated them operational activities almost completely autonomous, “explained Maj.
Trabelsi. “We can save lives and risk sending an unmanned tools to break obstacles or to move equipment on hinges. In case of damage, the electronics will explode, and our soldiers, “explained Maj. TRABELSI.

Them long to be capable of overcoming obstacles in autonomous way-get a robot, his handler will
Same as with “discretion” myself; According to the information he has on the field and computation according to the situation in which it is found, the tool infers the best way to get the job done. “Some
Like waze who can take you in orbit has the least traffic, so was able to calculate the best route for examining grads or obstacles, and work around them. ”
Explained Trabelsi.

Some of the robots of יהל”ם classified in action demo The future of robots that powers online combatants in an independent building, scanning suspicious areas and fire if necessary

Not only tools an unmanned heavy we see in another decade; The robotics industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades. “We are trying to bring the world alive today to have robots able to move inside houses, tunnels and power do not want to be exposed to them. Their goal will be collecting intelligence, and can also fire “, said Maj. TRABELSI. The bots in question can significantly reduce the risk. A robot can log on
Independent building, scan it and, if needed, to eliminate a potential enemy.
In addition, the robots open axes to neutralize IEDs and collect intelligence information silently hidden places in urban areas.

The living end: every blade, just by airplane and disappearing robes

Despite the jump in robotics degree, still based on the army of the Warrior and warrior. Also Robotics officer Maj. TRABELSI argues that “there is no substitute for the feet, due to uncertainty and stripe on human creativity and flexibility”. However, the mantle of fighters, weapons, equipment, and clothing, also ishtadrgo to provinces that meets science fiction.

The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

Parachute Regiment in drill. “There is no substitute for the legs.

Know every blade ‘? Those soldiers wear as they work in the kitchen, Staff Sgt. major when they work in practice.
Camp and he In the next decade they will disappear, and will only be used for non-combat. For any purpose related to the combat training, exercises, and operations. wearing IDF uniforms are completely different.
“Just like lteis has a special jumpsuit, had a uniform of a warrior,” said the IDF site head of battle equipment in the Amal of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Jason glester. The future warrior excluded pockets, which anyway are covered when operational employment at West high pockets.
In addition, the fabric of torso will canvas “Dre Pitt which evaporates sweat and heat can
Well, and relieve physical situations warriors. Unlike today’s uniforms, the Warrior will have built-in protection elbows and knees, and also in special iaupiino, which his Administration has been streamlined camouflage capabilities. “The convenience of the Warrior and his ability to make long tasks are significantly better,” explains major geldster.

But in the field ה”ביגוד” expected more significant revolutions. “The goal: Chameleon,” explains רמ”ד battle gear. “Today we disguise our soldiers in uniform and camouflage nets, but the world moves forward to ‘ working on light rays.  In some places develop measure is actually a cloak of invisibility. Assuming you could translate it to blast, could be completely cloaked is already applicable. It is possible that in ten years we can use invisibility cloaks to operational fighter, the vehicle crew “.

Besides uniform change without distinguishing within the next decade, too.
Rest the Warrior’s garment, including vests and baby carriers are going to make a difference. “We started to align with the world and the Universal connection method”, i.e., each item can connect to another. While each decade are modular vests.
Instead of producing several types of vests-medic, sniper, and ngvist, and have not had to deal with more adjustment. Only when you get the job or sector or routine so they line up the option and replace equipment easily equipment more suitable to the existing situation.

The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

Egoz fighters with micro-tavor. The measures will focus on advanced Ross, among them — with a special fire control mark enemy targets.

According to glester, the most significant change in weapons.
There will be no personal guns themselves, since the advanced tborim should continue to assimilate, but means that comprise them. “The area is going to upgrade weapons wonders,” said major glester. “Just today reserved competencies to be all חירני”ק. Futuristic precision possible thanks to special intentions to contain fire control system so that only in exceptional cases a fighter can miss the ball less than 300 meters. “Trials that have already begun to do we see that in every 10 years to be able to hit the target he highlights, day and night, all to the same size tuned today. In addition to the ability to calculate and the night vision, able to detect if the object is really an enemy force or forces. There is no such thing in the world, “says
Geldster enthusiastically.

Even fighters get better protection. Helmets and tuning in and regiments included assuming the appropriate level of development will be allowed, they can protect not just fragments but also bullets. Advanced eye protectors that importance in battle enter petition.

Two main accents in all the weight is Amal and modularity. “Heavy weaponry than in” major akeim emphasizes glester.
“We decline any drastic measures. Also, the soldier would be a lot more flexibility in the means it runs-vests, weapons, glasses, he can match everything in a fast and convenient manner.

Computers: alerts on ropes to צה”לית apps and Smartphone, anonymous calls with the General.

Imagine the following situation: a fighter reaches the outskirts of Gaza City and get a job
Cornering. He pulls the unlocked, look through a camera at the building.
And get on the screen warning around the image. The right room waiting for a terrorist.

On augmented reality (virtual image elements, similar to Google’s famous glasses) is just one of the fascinating field of futuristic
The Cheif Technology Officer of teleprocessing. Lt. Col. Eric at Lotem,
Technical unit for operations as the CTO, revealing a special interview in a nutshell that it projects, regardless of the TENs projects.  “Data collection and intelligence enables the soldier to see them through the device.
That could come in the form of glasses. This ability will give tremendous power to the edge and save lives “. Lt. Col. Eric highlights not only gets intelligence operational information
To the soldier, but the goal is to produce exceptional communication abilities against other factors, for example, to connect to the live fighter pilot. “If a staff member noticed the air element
On the field he’s not sure he firstly down just marks on the map maovtt and it will appear in the from, and with the charge the tankist ” The goal is to bring smart Warrior any information that will help him, without superfluous data consumed distract and confuse him.

On augmented reality and the media are just some of the revolution the teleprocessing, Lotem unit led, planned and designed-making the Smartphone, on his part, amazing and helpful. For this purpose, teleprocessing see vision as צה”לית app store, the App Store is classified.

The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

Cutting edge Smartphone, and classified, operational efforts is one of the trends that ‘ dusten CTO, technology “compass of teleprocessing, ieads. In the developing world who rapid rhythms, Lieutenant Colonel Eric and his subordinates to analyze trends and changes in technology worldwide in order to lead the IDF two steps ahead of everyone else.

“We are starting to develop applications for a classified setting,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Eric. “When you have an צה”לית mobile telephony, the soldier can use and be connected to operational systems and special applications.
Among other things, mentioned major Uriel, רמ”ד Shaw and information technology in new venture Lotem, IDF” Earth, which uses satellite photography to help rate, “per person
And in the right amount. “

It is understood that strengthening the issue of cell phones, a computer service Directorate also secure them and adapt them to the environment is classified and attack from cyberspace. Emphasize that all officers
Using smartphones will securely, and that “we are preparing a defensive capability to this communication.

Another thing that the employer is the ICT situation (the war room).
“The situation is not based on keyboard and mouse, except the technology officer Lotem. “The soldiers looked at using speech or movement or even eye movement. The amount of information to be bigger and better, and you can just talk to natural language computer and get all the information you need for the battlefield. We have been experiencing these things inside the unit.

Another fascinating topic relates Colonel Eric is an application of the “wisdom of the crowd”-Torah argues that weighting of wisdom will yield better results from the mind of one expert. “The goal is to develop a platform that will allow discussion of hundreds of people in varying degrees, the cell and the Deputy are marked with random numbers,” explains the CTO of Cistus. “Put them on strategic topics, special Steering Committee will coordinate the answers. Perhaps the solution would be to get better generals think about group. We aim to engage in this area in detail. “

The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

Young officers in teleprocessing Google offices
For a Special Conference of development projects. Brilliant technological ideas they raise can change fundamentally. Photo: computer service Directorate

If you soldiers who know programming but don’t serve technological role, Lieutenant Eric has good news for you. The coordinators are working on
Pilot integration of any soldier with suitable operational effort, regardless of the role. ” Any person with ability in technology, even if it is not on duty.
Technology can be a partner in development. Create a community where a finish
Afternoon shift and decided to donate more, he logs on and writes code. This is part
From our Department to streamline things, to exploit better the power and bring new operational and quality solutions.

Air force: F-35i and strategic drones

The staging of the air force’s future focus today on the plane.
One – the 35-i, produced by Lockheed Martin Corporation. On the preparations for the arrival of the planes, which are expected to reach 20 Squadron sprouts in 2016, is IDF site school programs רמ”ח aircraft, Colonel Gadi. “The air force systems does not come in contact with them so far, and preparations for the plane at great effort. We have teams
The personnel department at Lockheed Martin plants in the u.s. to verify that systems integration process.
Israeli plane held to our satisfaction. ” Fifth version i la WINS Israeli air force tzzoide computing systems, electronic warfare and armament. “The plane is still in development, so expect us your tattoos and many more experiments. All part of the process, “explains Colonel Gadi, grounding of all f-35 in February.
The latter, a crack was discovered in the turbine engine.

This is the first aircraft to the air force that belongs to ל’דור v – combat
The armed stealth capabilities (tricking enemy radar), and an increase in the number of systems
Computerized, allowing the battle to turn your undivided attention to the battle.


The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

Test flight on F35. Photo archive

The F-35 winner often references the media כ’מטוס maoiish battle
Lately. Whether it will be? In many fighters claim that there is no substitute for the judgment of combat pilot in real time, no matter how advanced the technology. Whether it be fulfilled prophecy or not, the air force continues developing the aircraft unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). These aircraft, which were known as ‘ major ‘ (tiny unmanned aircraft), exist today in a wide variety of weights and sizes, and a variety of highest quality and space capabilities and more hours flying planes. You can divide the drones used by the air force for three categories:

Strategic drones weighing over 1,000 kg, such as ‘ TEB ה’איתן tactical drones (from 50 to 1000 kg), such as the Hermes 450 drones and such sky racer. The drones are used UAV squadrons in the air force and artillery units. According to sources in industry of Azerbaijan, the main trend nowadays is switching to smaller drones. “The tactical UAV, the middle is gone,
As Greece the tasks that were a thing of the past are some tactical mini-UAV drones and some strategy, makes the security industry. “The mini drones could carry about 75% of the tactical UAV missions, while the remaining percentage complete top strategic drones”.

The IDF version of special project 2023 independence day

The drones operate larger catches in recent years for several reasons – mini drones intelligence gathering capability, the scope of powers, etc. He just
To operate, less noisy, capable of flight in adverse weather conditions and low elevations. In addition, easy weight makes it easier to carry significant, allowing operators to get out of the freight cars join conditioned in real time to live field forces, as
That makes the sky racer ‘ unit of the artillery corps, which operates drones-a sample ‘ Skylark ‘.

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