The indictment served against Lieutenant Colonel Aisha hajbi

אילוסטרציה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The indictment was served on their offenses inappropriate behavior. Lieutenant Colonel hajbi is expected to finish his military service immediately.

תאריך: 29/03/2015, 15:24    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

An indictment filed today (Sunday) against Sabra battalion ex-Lieutenant Colonel Aisha hajbi. The indictment attributes to five offenses concerning Lt. hajbi behavior
Unbecoming conduct for his behavior and his actions towards ngdat and soldier who served under his command, which exceeded the control-command and partly sexual. The indictment was served as part of a plea bargain between the military brought the power of Lieutenant Colonel hajbi, and part of it is expected to finish Col. hajbi services immediately.

As noted, the military police investigation case of investigator Lieutenant Colonel hajbi opened in November 2014 and investigated various allegations. Finally came the sides a plea, in which Yoda in the main suspects, Lt. Col. hajbi stub. The plea bargain includes, as mentioned above, the immediate departure of Lieutenant Colonel hajbi military service, as well as punitive elements might oblige the parties to them before the military tribunal.

See hardware in any sexual trauma in soldiers serving out of administrative duty, particularly by shapgi controls in the framework of relations. Accordingly, the judge enforces the law on transfers of this type carefully and harshly.

Translated from Hebrew