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Dozens of armored instructors completed last weekend guide school, considered one of the finest espressos in guidance of GoC army headquarters. School census
Armor: “few are complex and challenging course like this.”

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מחבר: ניצן קינר, מז“י

Dozens of armoured warfare instructors completed last Thursday of school readiness. The graduation ceremony took place against the backdrop of the magnificent tank line that represents the long legacy of the Corps, “armor” for blteron, Commander of the armor school, Lt. Col. Ronen Tamir. During the ceremony revealed the versatility of the new guide and awarded them green training laces symbolize the part purchased through the long and intensive training.

“I felt very natural to go to because my family served in the armored Corps,
Told cpl. Yara Shavit, “my parents recognized the Corps, OCs There were many significant moments during training, but especially the last steps in the end cap campaign. It was very hard physically and the only goal was to reach the finish line and get the black beret.

The ceremony began with the flag State’s attitude to the sunset, and the feeling was official instead.
Chief Deputy, Delicatessen, light in her speech to the graduates. “Soon became the company’s eating, studying, going through crises and living the armor value 24 hours a day,” said lieutenant Ahmed. “I rest assured that with the knowledge that the course rchshtan can train fighters proudly armored Corps and u.s. Army reserves. No one will be able to ignore the presence of קמ”ד 98, ended with a smile.

“Vigilance is armour course the course selected on the field instruction in GoC army headquarters, Col. Tamir, said in his speech” Israel are few which are for a course so complex, challenging and important. Armor instructor teach the tankist resets all professions. They are required to master material in absolute form, and therefore are the same
Like the rioner route in terms of content. No instructor teaches something she hasn’t experimented with him herself. Dream girls on the job and finish the course with tremendous satisfaction. “

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