The Israeli confirmed most of the requests filed by Palestinians for treatment in Israel

According to a World Health Organization report indicates significant improvement in activity coordinator of government activities in the territories

תאריך: 01/05/2012, 16:44    
מחבר: מנחם אדוני, אתר מתפ”ש

The World Health Organization report released recently indicates a significant improvement in activity coordinator of government activities in the territories in relation to the departure of patients and patients
Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to hospitals in Israel.

The data show that 56.9 percent of the applications filed for medical treatment in Israel were approved,
4.5% are awaiting a diagnosis and 1.3% of the applications have been denied, indicating attitude
Israel’s humanitarian and medical cases and the importance and urgency that caring for such requests.

During the month, the Ministry of health of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah filed requests and referrals to 580 patients for medical treatment that is not available in health facilities
The Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, compared to 1,393 qualified leads per month. In addition, 22 percent of patients treated in private hospitals and NGOS, compared to 78% of the patients treated outside the Gaza Strip.

In January, was carried out of 766 patients through Erez crossing. In addition, the progress of 47 patients using back-to-back on ambulances.

In recent days, trying to create a false representation of a crisis in the Gaza Strip on Israel responsibility. Drug crisis stems from internal disputes between the Ministry of health in Ramallah to the health care system in Gaza. Hamas, a terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip,
Try again, plant lies to the citizens and to the international community in order to conceal omissions and the flow of terrorist money and fuel account for medical institutions.

Israel pass through the Kerem Shalom crossing, any delivery or supply of drugs will be coordinated by
The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and the Gaza Strip, or through international organizations, especially the World Health Organization.

The data in the report of the World Health Organization, to reflect the priorities of Israel
Coordination and planning to travel from Gaza to Israel for medical and humanitarian incidents, the world will be a top priority and urgency of the treatment.

Translated from Hebrew