The Italian Air Force has completed training for me Israel

מטוס איטלקי במהלך האימון, השבוע. צילום: ליאור קסטנר, חה”א

Over the country traveled in recent days works and AMX fighters, who came here all the way from Italy, as part of a joint exercise with the Israeli air force

תאריך: 08/02/2013, 12:02    
מחבר: שני פומס, אתר חיל האוויר

Italian Air Force took off from Israel, after completing a joint exercise with fighter squadrons of the IAF. This is the third time in her air force
The country hosted the southern Base: “we have a lot of appreciation for the Israeli air force, known for his professionalism,” said major (Maj.) Marco, led the exercise. “To work together, we need to recognize each other’s standards.”

In the first week of practice training the pilots and the Italian AMX works with day enemy squadron “flying dragon”, who was responsible to create for them the challenging training and teaching. “Initially, the Italians chose to practice arm casts and dealing with surface-to-air threats”, major, Deputy Commander of the Squadron “flying dragon”.
“The second part of the training was more operational: in both the scenario found an enemy State, and the mission was to attack” targets.

Among the casts to arms flights crossing line (towards the fictional State), Italian pilots were able to practice together with other squadrons. To their fighters joined ה”נץ aircraft (F-16 A/B) of the” Golden Eagle “Squadron and ה”בז jets (F-15) of the “Knights of the double tail, and together they fought against the squadron.

Practice over the southern sky of Israel is well known to the Israeli air force, but it provides air plot Italians they aren’t used to it.
“It is possible for example to fly here at low altitude,” explains major. “In Italy there are many crowded cities, so people can’t do it. As a member of the NATO Alliance, this experience contributes to our operational activities unequivocally. “

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