The Judea and Samaria Division practiced terrorist infiltration scenario to base.

הכוחות במהלך התרגיל, בשבוע שעבר. צילום: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The scenario tested the alertness, collaboration, and medical forces bouncing methodical takeover and pikodies units of reinforcements

תאריך: 07/05/2012, 14:25    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

This is only a drill: this year, took place in Judea and Samaria Division complex exercise that simulates hacking of terrorists. The exercise, which took place last week, extreme situation during which six terrorists armed with grenades and guns, and master distillers start killing spree. The scenario tested the alertness, cooperation
Among them, the forces and bouncing of methodical pikodies takeover units and reinforcements.

“There is an operational challenge consists of killing spree,” said IDF Deputy Chief of site wide Binyamin Brigade and Commander of the exercise, two, “Lt. Col. Timothy lately for instance opens in Ramallah to root axis, which is another possible source for an attack”.

The Judea and Samaria Division practiced terrorist infiltration scenario to base.

Although the scenario penetration of terrorists into Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria practiced a lot by the IDF and the settlement given the nature of the cut, this kind of exercise practiced the seldom bases. Division emphasized that although cases of terrorist infiltration usually base are very rare, it’s still a relevant threat we should prepare in advance so as not to be surprised at the moment of truth. “This scenario becomes more difficult to operate because the structure consisting of the base, and the numerous and various units who sit here as the civil administration and DCL Ramallah, so it is important to practice it,” security officer of Judea and Samaria Division, Maj. Adi flooded.

During the exercise, and explosions were heard, and the standing of the Division headquarters and Shimshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade, the catcher in the okapzzo line to hunt terrorists inside the base. Medical forces, for their part, had to rescue wounded soldiers and killed under fire.
When shamhablim is distributed across the base, and continue to remain, also tested the ability of commanders and their situation to extract as much information as possible in order to manage the forces against the enemy.

Following the inquiry decided to deepen the principles of command and control, the shared language between the forces and sharpening workflows buoys in this scenario.

Translated from Hebrew