The Kfir Brigade raise fitness standards

מרוץ כפיר, צילום: דובר צה”ל

The new open the Kfir extra-long race the new fitness Division, which include among others the journey intensive in new beret

תאריך: 09/12/2012, 13:29    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Importance of physical fitness for every Warrior is self-evident-is the basic ingredient to combat them Essentials learn the Warrior throughout the training process, until the end of his military service. The Kfir Brigade decided to demand for full fitness must come through personal example and therefore last Friday, all company commanders of November 2012, along with the Commander, participated in the race, “Valley”, where he successfully completed 21 miles of running.

The race, with some representatives of the Division for the first time, the 213 area officers, a half marathon around the Beit She’an Valley and back. The Commander, Maj. Ben levy, told IDF website that the Group practiced for ten weeks to arduous race. “Many army units participate in many races that do not exceed 10 km. Race over 21 miles a significant challenge, requiring much more physical and mental training, “noted, saying that” this is a task we took ourselves and we did it very successfully. “

“Every Commander has a dream where he thinks how to affect soldiers. I ordered a hundred
New soldiers, and decided that I influenced inter alia on physical culture, “explained Maj. Levi. “It starts with a personal example through the commanders, and that’s why we decided to participate in the race, and we will continue with the participation of all the commanders in the race, and finally the participation of all the Warriors in the race, in order to give them purpose, target, sports, culture and health.

Regarding the nature of the new cycle, said Cmdr. Nahshon battalion “,” Captain Saturn chassis that “the population is very good. Showed us soldiers motivated people
I want to serve as IDF fighters. In addition, the article from that “at first, I called all the hundreds of soldiers, and asked who wanted to be a fighter. Not had not swung back in the air. ”
Moreover, major levy added that “every room were more than two people.
It is a cycle that has a high desire to succeed “.

What is expecting the new warriors at the physical fitness? The commander said circulation for
The draft written fitness program, which includes shorter beret campaign than before, but
More weight and effort. “There will never be 70 km as the previous campaigns, it might take 50 km but much more intense. To do this, move the Warriors often daily exercise, which will start at a low level and short distance runs when after a few months the men for 10 km run, and, of course, test and test. “The training will be very diverse when gradient is the key-start from scratch and slowly raise the level,” said Captain Saturn.

As stated, the importance of the issue of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle in the Kfir brigade not starting with return Nov. 12. Major levy said that “we want Division to Excel in every field, and we set ourselves goals of excellence and excellence”. Even the tradition of slogans for companies, committed companies to attach the word “Excellence” or “merit” to the company slogan. Captain Saturn specifies that “eventually, all training is around the Warriors gym-quizzes, and weights, training in wet or dry-all about physical fitness and this is one of the three cornerstones of the Warrior”.

After the second Lebanon war, the IDF opened many projects to improve physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle among IDF officers and soldiers among others opened swimming groups, bicycle and running and established special programs for weight loss among officers.

Translated from Hebrew