The Kfir’s trump card: Sergeant Lee Rosenthal is Vice World Champion in bridge

An army battalion is Mag shooter LAVI, regular service. In a tailored suit, citizenship, is the best bridge players in the world. Last week, Sergeant came second with 89 World Championships in bridge

תאריך: 12/08/2012, 11:20    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

In the army, Sergeant Lee Rosenthal is the LAVI battalion Mag shooter of the Kfir Brigade.
But as soon as he replaced his uniform in a tailored suit, he becomes one of the best bridge players in the world for his age. Last week Israel team won second place in the World Championship.
In bridge in China until the age of 21, and a silver medal and a lot of respect. After narrowly defeated China, Italy and dozens of other teams lost to Netherlands team at one point only.
Between competitors two soldiers serving in the IDF in regular military route, despite the difficulties.

“It was very satisfying for all of us,” says Sergeant Rosental IDF site after winning the world series of the popular card game, “it’s my first World Championship, and I aspire to the next World Super Bowl game? will take two years, attend again. With the recruiting sergeant Rosenthal received the possibility to serve an outstanding sportsman’s route, but chose to let him go in favor of combat service in alive, “once I realized I uniforms wanted
To be a fighter, “he says,” I couldn’t see myself as a person who renounces the best he can give. At first joined the Navy, and I would come home and hear daily all the stories of warriors. After six months I was able to upload my profile and join the Kfir even though he knew it could damage the sport. “

A year ago, Rosenthal icon that is hard to skip the game bridge and decided to harness that domain member serving in the northern command’s determination. “I phoned my partner, and he thought I was nuts,” he says with a smile, “we’re both doing serious service entry
A combination of training in Israel’s national level. So instead of going to sleep we do personal training, and closing 21 to get to competitions. I sleep four hours less a night to continue to practice “describes Rosenthal icon.

The effort paid off, and both qualified for the Israel national football team. The card game of connected to the surprised many. “The kind of controversy,” he admits, “a part that’s a little funny, maybe even, because I think it’s a game of older women all day drinking
Tea, although it’s really not true. This sport branch is very strong among young people in Israel. At the same time, many being envious of the gifted athlete.

Despite the difficulty, Rosenthal icon proves it is possible to combine combat military service,
And competitive sports. “To me, if you want something ready to invest for you to succeed. Need to know that you can sacrifice things that one comes at the expense of the other, “he said. “But it’s certainly possible, and worth it. For me it’s pride
And national.

Translated from Hebrew