The leading sector in the IDF recruitment-the Druze

According to data presented last week in Congress, about 83 percent of the army recruits and a Committee of the armed forces and about half of them enlist 1A • Chairman of the Druze Zionist movement: “we don’t have to justify it.
We serve in the military, we are one. “

תאריך: 25/04/2011, 10:30    
מחבר: דור בלך

Nearly 83 percent of the Druze community members who enlist server machines, and that the witness leads to other sectors in the draft. In addition, 60 percent of them enlist to warriors. The data were presented a few days ago in youth Zionist Congress by the Chairman of the Druze Zionist Council, Yusuf nassereddin, it took some 2,000 Jews and Druze youths from various youth movements.

“I wish all the institutions of the State of Israel were learning how to integrate the Israeli Druze and give them equal opportunities,” said nassereddin. “The Druze IDF and other security forces are equal to other sectors and very satisfactory.

As noted, the IDF decided recently to establish a military preparatory to the Druze community members and
“Great soldier” in daliat El Carmel. In addition, for several years, the youths of going on the gadn segment is a pilot and happily for many, despite the problems they have in socio-akonmies sector, Druze youth clubs. Robo selects 1A and it leave Commission and decrease head. I am proud that the Druze youth today is a role model regarding patriotism and hope it will encourage other sectors of Israeli society to the Druze and not shirk responsibility, “added national nassereddin. “The Zionist movement as Martha with the Druze blood Covenant many years before, and the United States became States of life. Must not shirk the obligation and the State of Israel cannot rest on Maria and recruitment.

“The IDF is your ticket to Israeli society,” he admits. “But we long ago.
No need to justify that we serve in the military, is obvious. We are proud that we cannot be one company, one State and one

Translated from Hebrew