The legal front of the return “: that the arrests are conducted

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During the wave of arrests of wanted persons in the Sao officers
Assist in the legal procedure for detention of terrorist operatives. From the beginning of the operation arrested 419

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

הפרקליטות הצבאית

As part of operation “return to top
400 cases detainees have passed under the hands of State Attorney officers.
In addition to arrest hundreds of Palestinians, some demobilized from Shalit, the officers that dangerous terrorist operatives of State security of the five.

The Sao officers acted against those detained in three different procedures: routine proceedings. Desperados against which there is material evidence enough for prosecution before a court, whose number rose considerably during the operation; And two other procedures.

The legal front of the return “: that the arrests are conducted

One procedure was performed in front of an estimated arrestees were formulated against them was 165 recommendations concerning administrative detention during the operation. Administrative detention is executed in front of them detained under an intelligence-based information that indicates they pose a danger to the public and State security.
In such cases the judge formulate recommendations for military commanders to issue an arrest warrant. “You can’t easily set administrative detention of a person, therefore, the inspection should be serious,” said the IDF judge advocate website call Judea and Samaria, Colonel Maurice de Hirsch. “In situations where there was insufficient information indicating the level of Agency required the Attorney General’s Office not to stop a person in administrative detention,” he added.

The second procedure approximately 50 detainees lesion, released in the Gilad Shalit and brought before the Committee to cancel the penalty. The next process in the Committee of demobilized from the deal involves the factual foundation for the collection, and documents relating to the original sentence. As part of a rigorous work, formulating recommendations about detainees was made within days.

A sentence is expected to be about 18 detainees

The process of replacing demobilized from Shalit to prison like the law on the system of civil jurisdiction, which allows short sentence of person provided that violate the terms of his release.
In Bayou reviewers are demobilized from Gilad Shalit “extra” offence against
The terms of their release–which could return to serving their punishment in prison.

Within the cases presented to the Prosecutor’s Office, officers found that only in one case all the arrests were justified and backed up by material
Sight. According to Lt. Col. Hirsch, but the detainee was released, you can point to dozens of offences
Others who have suspected and can return to continue serving sentence accordingly. Out of those detained are demobilized from Shalit, 18 detainees are expected to return to serve a life sentence if found.
That committed an offense.

During the last year, an increase of 40 percent in cases related to terrorism in Judea and Samaria, “immigration attorney this year,” explained Lt. Col. Hirsch.
He said that the task before them is to make sure that everyone who should be in jail, jail. “Not everyone should be in prison who have not enough evidence against them, or they
Peru not parole them, therefore we on their release, “said Lt. Col. Hirsch. ”
That’s not the situation about we not released “, concluded.

Throughout the operation, 419 were arrested. 56 of them demobilized from Gilad Shalit returning to terrorism, of 419 detainees 80 percent are Hamas activists. Another among the detainees also had 12 senior Hamas figures.

Translated from Hebrew