The main armament officer: technology is a utility, not a substitute for command.

ההשתלמות, השבוע. צילום: אט”ל

Hundreds of officers of the ordnance Corps participated in a special course which met existing technology systems – battalion level to the Joint Chiefs.

תאריך: 26/07/2012, 17:27    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

About 500 officers of commands and divisions of ordnance Corps took part in a special seminar recent value applied in the arms of spatial unit northern command, which was marked by “assessing himoshit of information systems”. During the course the officers were using advanced systems to battalion level joint chiefs.
It was edited in the wake productions lessons from training and exercises which took place during 2011.

The study is another step in improving the professionalism of the Corps, who drowned himself in 2012 as “the professional”. During the day the commanders learned how to formulate an operational evaluation, logistics and himoshit using advanced information systems – in which the system a beacon, and again, the system enables commanders to get many critical data.
The study referred specifically to the latest version of the ה’משואה system, all deployed in last April, which included numerous applications to logistic troops.

The study was conducted by the main armament officer, Brig. Gen. Zvika Kraus. Brig. Gen. Kraus
Welcomed the initiative, saying that these systems are not intended as a substitute for command – but only a means. “The subject is selected as a result of newly discovered gaps in operating the systems and their use. During the war most of the decisions are not rational, sometimes have to find courage,
Think outside the box. The establishment is that every day can break war that we need to address things, running and practicing, “said קחש”ר in his speech to commanders.

The study met the reserve personnel of the ordnance Corps for a theory of information systems. “The reserve officials usually use information systems in the field,” said רמ”ד mkachsh, at major Dodo, who noted that they do not experience them everyday, but only during exercises and training. In this course we are updating them on the development of technology, and the right to use it.

Ret. Colonel Yehuda salmon, former Commander of 20, added that “for ten years in the reserves was exposed to not always, since some systems were common in the lowest or highest. The course was great theoretically because it renewed. Now all that’s left to do is to get
The action theory – the armament practice evaluating the situation together with the systems.

Translated from Hebrew