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תאריך: 22/01/2013, 10:15    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Israel citizens depart today to the polls to participate in the democratic process. But how Solomon Armor Division in the grueling training in the Golan Heights allows soldiers to exercise their democratic right to vote, as deployed north to shgdodia

Election division officer 401 (“shaped iron trail”), is an Assistant division officer of the regimental adjutant, Capt. Shai, said first Brigade Commander all signed a document in which he agrees to allow his troops to vote until the final ballot by all the democratic procedures. They also pledged not to allow the operational activities to undermine the possibility of a vote. “We started in a very deep stage and of the opinions that we in Education Division of what is democracy, and what are the implications of voting or not voting, the importance of voting as part of democracy, all of course in the context of major military,” noted Moshe.
In addition to voting day deployed various polls positioned in places accessible to them can reach every soldier and soldier.

As mentioned above, the Division is in 401 steps rise to belief in the Golan Heights, and the operational period. Currently most risen North Division but two additional units from Division in a Division made a general effort to combine early training, deployed in fire and troops still on IO, and their right to vote. “We have begun the process of preparing for elections before the start of practice, so long as we were somewhere else, and now the tension is rising,” explained Capt.
Moses, “on election day the units are divided by regions. Therefore, the units under the Division and still in Judea and Samaria will connect to another spatial Division, but we will be monitoring the vote on there too.

Captain Moses added that “there is a feeling that soldiers are very interested in the election. It starts
Many questions like if I travel the same day or in a course, how to vote and where. You can see that previously was not created as a result of the asbrot and the many teachings we issue. I am glad to introduce the last soldiers of the last consciousness of the elections “.

Translated from Hebrew