Since the murder the police to locate the suspect. During a hunt, it risked lives, he norahl Wednesday, so double homicide occurred in Rishon Lezion, were all operational systems, the hkirthis and the modiainis of Israel in order to put the murder suspect, Yan Gavrielov.

Tonight (Saturday) received information the suspect makes his way from the North towards the Centre of a police force that was initiated to detect suspicious activity spotted it, and additional troops were called. When it came to the area Lod he suspected that police recognized him and began a wild ride of a real risk to the lives of other drivers and pedestrians. Additional police forces arrived at the scene began to close on the suspect in order to arrest him.

When a wild ride for the street boy in Lod, a narrow street with houses and children playing along, decided to stop the suspect’s car during his trip. Police car nigach car and it stops. Due to the premise that in a real, that the perpetrator is armed and dangerous to the public, offered him an accurate fire that hit him and neutralize him. The suspect was caught in possession of a loaded gun, which was stopped when shooting.

Translated from Hebrew