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Charge forward, personal strength and mission-these are just some of the features that characterize successful commanders to deal with severe crisis events during military service

תאריך: 10/12/2012, 12:50    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The mission, charge forward, personal resilience, sensitivity towards men and effort to understand, maintaining cohesion, clear boundaries and distributed command-features that characterize successful commanders to deal best with crisis events.

An article published in the latest issue of the journal “military acts written by Col. Asher Ben Lulu, Commander of the fire training center Mel, reviewing the role of the captain in recovery from adverse events (e.g. 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster, catastrophe or targeted key figures in suicide units) and formulate effective command points that helps to overcome the devastating without leading to a single crisis.

The most important property, Col. Ben Lulu, is adherence to the principle of mshimthiot.
Commanders said that unit performing the operational tasks is the right thing to do despite the difficult and that can continue to perform despite the impact.
In those who had “rescued” the best efficiency of the unit.
Other important features are internal to the commanders in the field as the spearhead of their troops and the Commander’s own strength; Commanders showed cool under pressure and significantly influenced the continued Excelsior individual soldiers ‘ conduct.

It also indicates the importance of research demonstrating sensitivity towards the men, with an emphasis on providing
Legitimizing the emotions soldiers while keeping the mission, maintaining unit cohesion
And trust between soldiers, delegating junior officers the role of Max in use and adherence to discipline and boundaries.

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