The Mel “Advanced” returns to the sky

Air Force Commander decided that TP “will return to the air for the first time since last January was grounded following the crash near base Advanced UAV Tel NOF airbase

תאריך: 06/09/2012, 20:45    
מחבר: טל מיכאל, אתר חיל האוויר

Since Eitan aircraft crash “near the Tel NOF airbase in January have been grounded, renewing TP’s rule”. Last night, the industry of Azerbaijan submitted the joint investigation skanotihan by the IAF, PA Office security and defence industry. Following conclusions, Gen. Amir Eshel because the array returns to the air.

Today, the giant plane took flight first with my experiment, which ended successfully.
“After a long period of tests and complex attempts to find the cause of the accident, there is no doubt that today is a holiday for us,” confided Lieutenant Colonel Momi, responsible for the project with them.
The casting equipment. “The operational qualification to fly as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the plane could continue to carry out all activities carried out before the accident, just under different constraints.

The findings of the Commission of inquiry, which included experts from applied and of the industries involved in the design and manufacture of the plane showed that the accident did not occur because of human error, and not because of a component installed on the wing at the time. “The incident resulted from a problem in the plane’s wing structure,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Momi. “A problem in one of the stages of production of the wing caused her to crash under the load, and overthrow”.

After the problem was discovered, the air force decided that the Eitan can go operational. “In the meantime we decided that each of the squadron’s planes will undergo two more test flights, and return then to regular service in the Squadron,” said Brig. Gen. ran levy,
Air force equipment. “Change the engineering failure in wings with the aerospace industry. At the same time, we have developed a testing method that helps us to track planes and ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.

Ethan is a Director of the independent manned aircraft in the air force, and one of the largest in the world. Span wings nearly as long span wings of a Boeing 717, and the ability to spend long hours in the air. TP “, which opened at Tel NOF base two years ago continues to this day to receive dozens of missions and contracts.

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