The memory wall Assembly: “memory of hallino is alive and well in our midst.”

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz spoke at a rally in memory of the Western Wall Plaza. “The shield of our people in shape than ever,” he said, “there is no purpose to shorten his long arms of IDF forces from getting”

תאריך: 14/04/2013, 20:20    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, tonight (Sunday) things in the State pageant held at the Western Wall Plaza and open events of Yom hazikaron Israel.

“The victims, boys and girls forever embedded in the image of the State,” said the Chief, “Tales of devotion and bravery alone remind us for who can go in those ways. Not in vain we called salt of the Earth. They are the essence of Israel tears. ” Turn to the bereaved families, said Lt. General Gantz “your loss too, giving ten times greater than our ability to describe in words and in writing, formed an Alliance in the country alone and is forever cast in, dmochtam.

The Ganz referred to Yom Kippur, held four decades ago and said
“Apart from the heavy loss and win the battle, we remember the all out and defend. The passion of each generation to stand up for the protection of people and state-the belief in our way and the justice, who went out and put out to the world. Forty years later we need everybody, the best from all corners of society, which would shoulder to shoulder in the IDF “lines. Lt. General Gantz said that “the interdependence, partnerships, giving us held and every crisis point of the Summit, is essential to our strengths, and more-ethical identity as a nation, to us and to our prosperity as a company and as a country.”

“Forty years later, if the enemy is not knocking on visiting dignitaries such as yourselves, don’t allow silence fool you,” said the Chief, “and under surface storm of threats and dangers which are evolving, constantly follows persistent and courageous campaign of our borders and far beyond, and the security of Israel. The shield of our people in a way, they are sharp. The deadly blaze, and every hour intercede.

“Who needs to know-and doesn’t have a target that harvested his long arms of the IDF General staff from getting permanent, Gantz,” I know that when we need to wait, as always we correct and ready than ever. We will continue fighting to ensure the safety of the citizens of Israel. Don’t save the sweat that we seek to save blood and tears. “

Chief summed up his comments by saying that “memory of hallino is alive and well in our midst. Not turn not turn nerm. Memory be blessed. “

Translated from Hebrew