The middle of the night in the village.

חיילי המילואים במהלך המעצר. צילום: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

IDF website correspondent joined the reserve troops of the decorated Eagle, while arrests on the חטמ”ר area. Adrenaline, it turns out, not play despite operational experience

תאריך: 17/04/2012, 12:25    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Residents of the Jewish settlement in Judea hatm signed another day on sick leave. The reserve soldiers who occupy the outpost line, see community on Christmas Eve, when they kept the main roads and the local synagogue and prevented riots. But residents do not know that late at night when they sleep.
In bed, same photo are at the end of day and plan to arrest.

“You know what these landscapes remind me” and “the Eagle”, decorated Colonel Eliezer Toledano, mtnshfim troops. “What?” wondered one of the reservists. “The Lebanon”. The soldiers, from the Lebanon landscapes recall.
The second Lebanon war, approximately 13 fighters were killed, while 12 battalion of them disaster in Kfar giladi. Since then, the regiment underwent rehabilitation and won last year in a letter from the President excels.
It is stopped, Lilly was the end of her operational employment performed on Passover, away from their families, and the long-awaited vacation. But it is evident that it did not bother them.

Around midnight, after a cup of black coffee, report and three battalions of the Brigade command post equipped with helmets that hide the traditional hair mane reservists, vests and weapons, and looked anxious. The fact that today make employment in communities, reinforcing the forces due to hundreds of people on vacation, their luster SITA generated due to the word “operation” brigades. “It’s breaking a daily pressure. It gives peace and quiet, to get out of the bubble of life into the employment, said Roy, heaters in eight years. “We’re used to making arrests.
Also, difficulties and resistance band (interference) in the villages the day after the arrest, used. Nevertheless, the adrenaline starts up straight, “he said.

The middle of the night in the village.

At the planned exclusion of risen RPG ensembles, accompanied by police and troops. It is possible to conclude that the military vehicles of the Peru alone in the Jewish settlement, but no one came “Sex dwarf” can, when darkness than light of the Moon-vehicle, the surrounding villages, and the only conversation that sounded in the background was from k (radio). “I got your back,” said Meg, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Nissim turgeman,
The mlpnio. “Now I feel safe,” said the voice on the radio. An hour before, told the Mag that tonight should be a sum of the labor. This is the climax.

After a short drive the vehicles stopped. As a wasteland, “sex dwarf” can the only voice heard is skyrocketing military shoes in the mud of Judea and Samaria. Within minutes the vehicles disappear from sight, and the soldiers shared by companies and began to walk. Among the weeds come nearly to the thorax, through olive groves to the agricultural terraces, the exclusion is especially sharp for several hours while the dog barking sound from the neighboring villages,? k wouldn’t stop mocking. The freezer has become sweat and had diabetes, and thoughts on the woman and children were in their opinion the paragraph. But all this doesn’t prevent the command asmag RAID, exactly one minute it was designed.

“Well done. -10 command. He served as the shashmya “was”
To hear doors banging. The dogs continued to bark, and peace. The village continued and teachings of stopped. “Everything’s ticking like a clock,” said, signed the deal that taps on the brigades as the Deputy who led the operation. With the dawn,
The reservists will return to racing post near the Jewish settlement, and would continue their activities until they return to their cozy bed, this time at home. The Jewish settlement area for another day.
The Passover holiday, without knowing about the other night on neighbours, which summarize Passover holiday is different than usual.

Translated from Hebrew