The military police has implemented new laser guns for traffic enforcement.

Implementation of dozens of new devices is expected to impact significantly on
The military drivers and discourage driving is not careful, as well as tighter enforcement of
Traffic offences nationwide

תאריך: 08/11/2011, 13:07    
מחבר: אביחי חיים, אתר צה”ל

Military police corps implemented the dozens of “new” laser gun to measure the speed and traffic enforcement, as part of another effort to further deters drivers from driving military isn’t careful. Dozens of the devices has been divided into levels of space and military officers last week and are expected to increase considerably the degree of police enforcement
Military throughout the country.

The military police officer, Brig. Gen. Meir Ohana, the renewal and said that when the police and the police force. We have 2 year move to characterize devices and buy, and now they will accompany us in the next decade. It should be noted that so far the military police using speed modedi aged 15 years olds.

The military police turn to kamch and told them that they “receive advanced law enforcement apparatus and all modern necessary testing him. During the next month these devices will be used. There is a very significant element, because ultimately it comes to human life. ” He added noting that “broadband implementation will lead to a better deterrent law enforcement throughout the country. I welcome the new way and I have no doubt that the results will be from.

קמצ”ר also admitted to Israel Police and the Police Department, which has collaborated throughout the process. “In the end we have a common goal: to lower the number of killed and injured on the roads,” he said.

Translated from Hebrew