The military tznsorit was raised to the rank of Brigadier General

Col. Sima and oacann-age was raised to the rank of Brigadier General by the Chief, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. Today is the third woman serving in the IDF in senior grade one

תאריך: 04/10/2011, 11:29    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The military tznsorit Colonel Sima and oacann-Gil, was last night.
(2) by Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz – to Commodore. To date, and oacann-the third woman serving in the rank of Brigadier General.

Oacann-General and became the last role in 2005, in place of Col. Miri Regev, appointed IDF spokesperson in the military Brigadier General capital transfer and oacann-age cast of air force intelligence. She is married with two children.

Oacann-General and Commander of the military censor, which belongs to the IDF Intelligence Division working to censor issues relating to State security.

The unit operates the law and is responsible for all material, written or photographed, exclude information that harms State security, public safety or public order. Her work combines General and oacann-“the people’s right to know”, as part of the values of democracy and freedom of expression, and the value requires the examination of the information provided and revocation of any information which constitutes a danger to State security.

Translated from Hebrew