The miloaimniciut of “pillar”

In pillar “female presence was prominent due to the extensive representation in miloaimniciut read the flag. The squadron: “today there are iloaimniciut everywhere.”

תאריך: 04/12/2012, 13:07    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

On Friday, at the exit with friends, movies or just in the middle of the living room.
8 order not miss anyone. And, as proven in last campaign “pillar”-also check none. It was hard to miss the amount of women who should take part in the hostilities last. Whether it is for intelligence, infantry training or miloaimniciut the IDF spokesperson, swarmed to the Assembly areas and bases in order to help fulfil the role.

“The motivation of the miloaimniciut. See they work out of a sense of mission, “said women’s Affairs Advisor, Brigadier General Rachel site-bonus-Wiesel.
“Officers and airmen that are met. They want to be partners and many of them are regular reserve service “, added Squadron.

Sergeant ret. Sgt. Don RES Jordan giladi, introduced last month in the math class of the University of Tel Aviv. Both Tel Aviv mythology, both 22, were released a year ago and both were summoned to reserves in pillar. Sergeant ret. Liron, 22 years old from Tel Aviv, is a first year undergraduate in mathematics and biology at Tel Aviv University. She got out a year ago from her job as kshl (control officer) in the air force, where he had a major role in running the database.

“It’s not like they called me. I called myself to determine shifts were because I knew everybody, “she says. “I really wanted to join and help. Ultimately this is what I’ve learned.
And prepared him all my service; Work on sale like this pillar of the fulfillment of the mission. And when something like that happens, you want to be where you can contribute.
Not just to continue life as usual, “adds.
Sergeant ret. gilady Jordan Tel Aviv, studying math and Economics at Tel Aviv University, released in April.
Last year’s role as infantry instructor, was teaching soldiers the various units on how to use the missile age; In the classroom, and in simulations.

I got the order before Friday. They told me to report him now.
Ze’elim. It was pretty predictable, but I thought I waited for young laborers take me before, “describes giladi. “It was clear to me that I am packing up and going.
I was scared for I have no option for me not to go, “she explains,” the atmosphere was very positive and no one refused to join-build released three weeks ago to girls released 10 years ago. Everyone arrived.

Liron tells of the difficulties in the mid blapsik to enlist help to an array. “It was difficult. Many Tel avivians continued as usual and went I was
Need to complete studies, “she admits. “But the University gave me and the other recruits and tailoring to reserves in the” rejections, she added. “There was a lot of activity, with people motivated and working atmosphere had. In the end I’m glad I came.

Jordan and other living instructors arrived on Friday night to the base and immediately started to work. “Each came and theilano, moved some material to freshen up and went to sleep with helmets and e”, says Jordan. “Mobilization for reserves hit me a little, but the commanders were really charming and think me and released me earlier so I wouldn’t have to lose a lot of days. The next time they paged for reserves I
-Will no doubt. If you toss me in a minute I’m going emergency. “

Translated from Hebrew