The Ministry of Defense established 130 buildings in the disaster area in Turkey

צילום: אריאל חרמוני, משרד הביטחון

The buildings, erected in the van it ordered earthquake three months ago, will be billeted more than 1,300 civilians whose homes were destroyed in the disaster.

תאריך: 15/02/2012, 15:05    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Staff of the Defense Ministry, headed by Mr. Dodo, head of deployment
In emergency and Marcel Aviv, Coordinator of humanitarian aid to Turkey’s earthquake Department
אמו”ן (logistic operations and assets) explored this week in Van, Turkey, it ordered earthquake three months ago, killing hundreds of people and thousands of others lost their homes.

The tour of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Vice Rector of the local University, Prof. Dr. Mehmet CURIOUSER and Lieutenant Governor of van province, Ahmet kzankiia said at the ceremony that the delivery of the Ministry of Defense about his Israeli assistance
So instead of waiting for the “disaster struck after the quake there, in which the Israelis with supplies and a lot of desire to help and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and
“Lieutenant Governor kzankiia said, adding that” our members and evidence
Is what we see here. Only really help members quickly and concern that such “counterparts.

During the tour, told the Deputy Rector of the local University, Mr. 800 students that they user name to soon in the Defense Ministry told the Turks after the quake. “Thanks to these structures, we can get our lives back on track and as the students fled their families immediately after the disaster,” said a user name.

At the end of the ceremony hung Turkish representatives and representatives of the Ministry of Defense sign in the website founded by the Ministry of defense in a van and then held a press conference for local media in which Mr. Dodo Survey examined the logistical activity consisting of
The structures for Turkey.

“Becoming the Israeli Defense Ministry, known to put a quick and efficient service throughout the world passed through air and sea structures 50 and 80 residential buildings we are pleased to see that in the coming days will begin to serve local citizens,
Said. He noted that “the Defense Ministry predict that in March the construction of all the structures in place.

All these structures will be billeted over 800 civilians and their homes were destroyed.
Or badly damaged during the earthquake that this province. The tour was also attended by Director of student housing, other Board members Yildirim, the local University and senior Office of the Governor.

Translated from Hebrew