On May 09, 2016 the District Veterinarian at the Northern district Health Office in cooperation with the unit for Supervision of Plants and Animals, conducted an inspection at the Ashishiot Ltd. factory in Tamra industrial area.

During the inspection meat and poultry products, which were manufactured and held in unsanitary conditions, were found. The products were manufactured in violation of the manufacturer’s license and legislative requirements.
The District Veterinarian instructed on the destruction of 2.1 tons of meat and poultry products. The District Medical Officer issued an order to shut down the business.
Handling, storing and marketing such products without the conditions required by legislation may be harmful to public health.
The Ministry of Health will continue to take enforcement measures against this food business.
The Ministry of Health once again invites the public to review the Guide for Proper Purchase of Meat, Poultry and Fish on its website (Hebrew).