The month: ten ways to improve your fitness and stay healthy.

How much water to drink while you learn and how to spice up your dining room salad: foot health and fitness month, tips also you the fixed sector

תאריך: 30/10/2012, 14:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל ואט”ל

A variety of exercises, operations and travel, sometimes soldiers forget to pay attention to the physical and mental health. Within a month in fitness, technological and Logistics Directorate a few tips in order to strengthen the awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips worth:

1. sinner in a bag? Try not to buy food, and be sure to read food labels. Information about various components contents 100 ml or g of the product, helps choose a healthier product.

2. since it is customary to warn the tailoring that fat while irotan. In order to prevent trapping, recommend to keep three meals a day and arranged them to combine intermediate meals, keep feeling full throughout the day and “calorie” snacks between meals. Should not eat more of distraction to avoid high food consumption and controlled.

3.5: keep eating at least five vegetables in five different colors. Vegetables provide vitamins and minerals are important for preventing disease and maintaining health.

4. shmtalbts in the military dining room about to join other carbohydrate good plate, choose beans or cereals, and whole wheat preferred. So legumes as a supplement causes slow digestion, feeling full and hold and rich in iron and helps to prevent anemia.

5. weed eaters among us, when it comes to the old proverb salad: lemon adds a lot! Try to spice up a salad ingredients from nature like lemon, herbs and olive oil, and sauces are ready. In other words, say goodbye to thousand islands.

6. you can’t keep fit (but more important: health) without exercising. Physical activity contributes to cardiac health, improve morale and quality improvement
Life, so you’re skinny and too happy. It is recommended that you devote to exercising at least two and a half hours a week and you should find a partner to do it with you guys so that none can evade.

7. be sure to drink at least a pint of water for every hour of exercise to restore fluids lost in sweat, to prevent dehydration or injuries. Water contribute to a feeling of fullness and keep skin taut. Throughout the day are recommended to drink 10-12
Glasses of water.

8. all the goodwill and the healthy food doesn’t help you if you are still smoking. 20 minutes after you put the cigarette out blood pressure and your heart rate will return to normal levels, and for two days since I quit smoking apply improved senses of taste and smell and the lungs start to clear out. Of 12 weeks will Quicken your circulation and ease
Exercising. After 10 years without smoking, the risk of cancer falls in half compared to a man smoking and the risk of developing a heart attack is the same as the risk of a person who never smoked.
In short, to abandon the harmful habit.

9. There are many ways to quit smoking workshop, medical advice, medication or nicotine. All you have to do is choose the method that best suits you.

10. beyond physical health concern, you can’t neglect their mental health. The pressure and stress that accompany sometimes military service are not subject to contempt-as stated, “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. To prevent the unpleasant emotional States, sleep
At least six hours at night-there is good reason to army command. In addition, sleep is also important for weight loss and maintaining morale.

Maintaining health, body and health are also mental health, is no guarantee of a happy life, but it’s a start. Good luck!

Translated from Hebrew