The month: Tips of IDF commanders elders

אליפות צה”ל למפקדים, אתמול. צילום: דובר צה”ל

IDF site met the officers at the IDF commanders, and heard from them about the importance of fitness in units and their personal tips straight from the field.

תאריך: 03/10/2013, 10:15    
מחבר: רותם פסו, נעם ויטמן ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

חודש הכושר והבריאות
כושר קרבי
פורום מטכ”ל

During IDF officers championship held today.
IDF officials told the site – of 1.a forum officers and regular divisions-about health, combat fitness, physical fitness and nutrition.
Here’s the tiihasotiham:

OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon
“This day is important for a senior officer, and 5 and social encounter, even when dealing with quite a few large cuts and programs annually,” said the champion. In Edgar OC Central Command noted that “my health tip is to run and eat healthy food. OC Central Command Major General had committed the most push-ups
Delegates at the event, with the amount of 74.

Southern Command Chief, Maj. Gen. Sami turgeman – “the gym is part of the basic professions and there is no substitute for example,” said the Commander, adding “it doesn’t help that Wikipedia should do. It also noted that regular fitness training held in command every week.

The Commander of northern command, General Yair Golan – “maintaining a fitness day is a problem and a great message. Many soldiers do sports, which revolutionized the extraordinary, “said the champion.

The Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur: “physical fitness is part of the military profession. The commanders also busy days message of action important to physical fitness, “said the Commander of GoC army headquarters, adding that” we can’t call ourselves combatants without it. “

Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel – “a very very important
The event, which is part of the operative your eligibility, “explained h. air force racing is one
Events highlighting the importance of combat fitness. “We are in the process of cultural revolution for several years and is developing a very good directions”, said Eshel.

The month: Tips of IDF commanders elders

The Gantz, in granting awards yesterday. Photo: IDF

אכ”א head, Maj. Gen. Ali love – we launched a fitness program now and he proved as indicated by the reports. We encourage the subject Division, integrated in the field and it is important to do sport and serve as an example of our men, “said a love this morning.

Head of ICT, Gen. Uzi Moskowitz – “the importance of lifestyles and physical fitness is the consciousness of the commanders, that should be onahlt them. In this part of the Warrior fighting capabilities, and back-end units that
Builds confidence and gives the unit value “, said head of ICT. Moskowitz champion deals in sports and ran three times a week for more than 10 miles away.

אט”ל head, Gen. Kobi Barak” is a day of awareness for health
Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, “explained Gen. Barak added that” as an officer
In part this officer’s dexterity to be in shape and be healthy.  Last year the Department in promoting healthy food types in the IDF, and implement the concept in all units. “Cooking oil consumption this year compared to the same period – dropped almost 15 percent, which is much. We’re putting a lot more healthy items on the menu, “said Mayor אט”ל.

The Corps Commander, Maj. Gen. Noam Tibbon “I love sports
Personally, especially to run and swim — and to exercise control, shared fifth. Referring to the qualification in the northern sector when it said that “should the soldiers be fit, because they are going through a very difficult effort.
Meet them complex tasks, and we want you to have the training they are ready “. He said regular forces are fighting fit well and work on handicrafts among reserve forces.

The Commander, Gen. Jose Ben yidtz — “a question of sport and a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of all college-level training of tactical strategies,” said a yidtz and added that “this comes from the perception that commanders need to be in shape, and a link between intellectual and physical training – a healthy mind in a healthy body”. He said many colleges students undergo a makeover as part of the integrated training program training. “There is a group personal training and, at the same time dealing with nutrition, said.

The Chief Military Prosecutor, Gen. Lark–‘ we attach great importance to lifestyles, and encourage that in example. These days we run group elements the judge and participants in sports events to perform across the country “, the judge said, according to IDF officers Championship allows to be exposed to different sports and different ways of thinking. “As serving for many years in the military, I think the situation of physical fitness in the IDF, as it appears in the appearance of people and groups, is immeasurably better than it was in previous years,” he concluded.

Chief Logistics Officer, Brig. Gen. Jamal Ghanem – “we made sure to get healthy new year event the IDF only, and to this day a major importance.
It is important that the controls exposed to the sport, “he קל”ר himself performing sports, and ran at least 48 km per week.

From Gaza, Brig. Gen. or Mickey Edelstein: “this day is important. You can see that there is power. In my sector was given special emphasis in maintaining
Physical fitness, “said Brig. Gen. Edelstein and added that” focus on lifestyles and on competitiveness is welcome. “

Makhoul, the Cohen-“shape is the key to operational competence within operational activity,” said the happy and told
Last year it launched the project in lifestyles are several workouts a week. “Commanders, as commanders to get the tools to lead it,” he said.

Makhoul Kfir, Colonel Asher Ben Lulu
“I think this day marks the location of physical fitness in terms of health and in terms of operational necessity,” explained h. kfirs and added that “control of shape thinking true,
Get quality decisions, health and maintains high fitness in terms of operational troops. The bone marrow is practiced regularly and runs 3 times a week, at least 10 km

Translated from Hebrew