The most significant arena-Gaza sea


The security review said party control personnel at the base, Lieutenant Colonel with me that assault operations at sea occur frequently.

תאריך: 11/07/2013, 15:17    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

“The most significant deal with Warriors of the sea is the Gaza Strip” that means party personnel Chief at the base, Lt. Col. Itai Saar, a security review as part of a visit of bereaved families this week.  Lieutenant Colonel Saar mentioned that during operation “pillar” widened the allowed fishing areas in the Gaza Strip’s water, but Sage and said that “we’re still dealing with פח”ע events in the region. “

On recent gas discoveries in the territorial waters of the State of Israel, required the Navy to deal with this issue. “Gas rigs are a strategic target to damages, and our enemies would love this place not because John return to Israel,” said Lieutenant Colonel Saar. Before the gas rigs will establish definitively who, however there is no doubt that there is of crucial importance in maintaining the area. “Gas exploration worth Israel territory, and
Getting on top of him, “said party chief personnel at the base.

At the same time, said Lt. Col. Itai Saar at the naval operational activity. “This or that happens frequently – very large operations to smaller operations,” party leader revealed During routine border security, maritime
Navy fighters also smuggling of weapons. “This operation is extremely important and we saw it in the concept of Karine. Amounts of weapons seized on the ship.
Were sufficient to combat in Lebanon last month, “said Lieutenant Colonel Saar.

Meanwhile, gave the casualty department and officers of cities to present the activity overview. “We come to all IDF courses – Hamlet, Phu to a or. We talk about our work, our expectations of the connection against the commanders and explain how to manage this relationship in terms of orders, “said Colonel nicely. “The army has an obligation to victims and families through our activities, we are realizing the firm commitment to bereaved families and victims,” summed up.

Translated from Hebrew