The Navy band education publishes new album

For the first time in years get military band album consisting of original songs and cover versions performed by singers singers. Among the stars: Lee Byrne, Roni dalumi and Shay kleinstein

תאריך: 18/09/2011, 11:24    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן, אתר צה”ל

For the first time in years: a military band releases an album with original songs. This morning (Sunday) launched the education Corps military band album: “the House”. The album includes 12 songs, eight original songs and four covers. Like
The disc includes two clips “you” and “home”, which was first published in 2010, a year and a half ago.

“The work of the varnish is carried out as part of the human resource and cultural center in Israel, IDF site Lieutenant Colonel Moshe Aviv, head of culture in education. “The duty of
To provide spiritual food to soldiers, because as we have learned from past experience, the surrounding culture.
The young soldiers during military service affects ultimately on how to behave as citizens “, said Lieutenant Colonel Aviv. He said that the military culture and culture is a common thread between the army and Israeli society, subjects that were taken into consideration when selecting the songs and album production.

New songs for the band created some of the most successful creatures on Earth: Rami kleinstein, Smadar Shir, Daniel, Yossi gispan, Nurit Hirsh, Noam horev, Tomer
Mutual, Lee Byrne and other artists. “This is why I’m proud of my service in the IDF,” Biran lightens me “each song was produced as real place, every album has a lot of work on the part of the singers and producers, allowing to distinguish it as you pay attention to it.”

In addition to original songs, the band 4 covers back to “home” of the Idan Raichel project (Idan Raichel is a graduate of the band back in 1995), “The Ballad of joy and lomic of Mendoza (composed by Yair Rosenblum, greater composers of military bands),” winter 73 “is also of educational Corps, ו”צליל inbalim “, which yeshai rendition of Sgt. Shahar hasky, hosted by album.

The album real participation inter alia private, daughter of Rita kleinstein and Rami kleinstein, and private Roni dalumi, kokhav nolad 7. The two are hosted, when private kleinstein performs “raw” sleep, who led bat-Shachar zafrir, and cpl. dalumi performs “talk” wrote Yossi gispan and composed by Tomer, mature.

Translated from Hebrew