The Navy continues to beat waves

The father, mother, uncles and brothers – the Vice Fund generation are left no choice but to join the Navy. The day he graduated from class captains in a family atmosphere

תאריך: 13/03/2013, 19:53    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Already from childhood turned Deputy Finance generation Navy bases, ships sailed to profound whispers. In fact, his father was a Ste, Senior Director role and after a while became Chief Officer of planning and Organization (נוה”ג). His mother is the base, when a receptionist. To contact
Not over here-his three brothers also went my way. Big brother Sun, sister of Staff Sgt. major brother spear went through me their mother as the personnel officer major and his little brother was drafted to apply.

It would seem almost inevitable for the Vice Fund to join the Navy,
It’s amazing today’s finishing school captains, and brings a lot of pride to his family.
“This very force Navy family captures”, said vice finance to IDF website, “initially wanted to join the armored Corps, but it felt like cheating and had obviously joined the Navy.

His Vice captains course started circulating financing 125, but after some time had
Down period due to difficulties. “It’s not easy to go through,” he said. “I was angry inside myself, but I always got what I’m optimistic niche starting end
– So I decided to get myself together, to improve, to be able to take criticism and finish
The course “. Vice Fund added that “it was a hard road, but it’s not simple since I was 15 my dream is to command troops, and I am happy that finally the day has arrived.”

And Deputy Finance completes the course receives prestigious sea officer PIN. In the audience are likely to be family is proud and excited to see the Vice Fund continues the lineage and as an officer in the force which it feels belongs since time immemorial.

Translated from Hebrew