The new bulldozer “Ami” blend in the coming year, IDF

Burglar engineering obstacle has undergone several changes in IDF needs and operational trials will end, he inserted for use Corps – already a year.
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תאריך: 14/09/2011, 13:55    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

The HMEE (high mobility engineer excavator), or Hebrew.
“Ami”, begins to integrate from Heather (a multi-year plan) next pawn of 98th in command. Number צמ”ה (heavy equipment) are already Israeli commitment and hope corps should prove machprons efficacy, additional purchase. Burglar engineering obstacle has undergone several changes to match the IDF’s needs, and it satisfies the pleasures before purchasing Division.

The HMEE was originally developed in the uk for the benefit of the American military. It is used to breach obstacles and he carries new capabilities and efficiency: he enjoys high speeding offences and can connect to Accessories. Also on demanding road conditions and moves the tool lightly, thus also traffic advantage okana route area.

In addition, according to data from the JCB, offers high protection bulldozer at the user and is resistant against explosions and shooting. In addition, an impressive capacity of 4,400 bulldozer kg and can dig about 12 feet into the ground. But maybe the best news you’d like the soldiers who use “people” is that it has excellent air conditioning, almost like a prioot.

To suit the nature of the Israeli bulldozer that was included made in blue and white and are
The packaging cells were installed sticklights places and is adapted to the weapons of the living units at the moment there are multiple offers on the IDF authority and end the operational agenda, they will be announced. “The new bulldozer is an effective tool,” notes
Lieutenant Elad Lahav, קמ”ד חה”ן weaponry, “it’s new to Corps.

In an article published in the website ב”במחנה in November,
רמ”ד צמ”ה explained in combat Engineering Officer, Maj. 201241, tool will improve considerably the capabilities. “The enemy, and burnish the battle becomes more mmocksh. Said Maj. illouz. “The bulldozer” Ami, small truck, is one of the Corps ‘ answer. The amazing agility in comparison to its size, allow to join
The troops without a problem.

Translated from Hebrew