The new occupational classification leads to narrowing the gaps between the different sectors

Adjutant officer, Brig. Gen. Arye Dahan, showing first conclusions the screening process for new recruits: “Soloman reach challenging and significant role that wouldn’t come unless employment screening”

תאריך: 12/06/2012, 11:33    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The hours and intensity of a-day Ma test (sorting, locating and guidance), could make a few years since using the sort method
The IDF to symbol employment process sorts. New data reveals the military journal “,” systems reflect the effectiveness of occupational classification כ”כלי to prosecute to the fullest extent their skills of Soloman of giving the big opportunities and equal footing.”

Through reviewing the data from the summary of the last few years, showing Adjutant officer.
, Brig. Gen. Arieh Dahan, first conclusions about the screening process.

One of the main conclusions kshl data is infer that the amount of open positions for each future soldier rose significantly. For example, revealed that the number of women
I found suitable for growing over 11 positions following Ma day synagogue in approximately 80% of them, shrvot קב”א, data ownership and the previous one were sent immediately to clerical positions and low logistics irrespective of other skills.

“The transition from the old employment screening increased from around the possible setting and increases the potential for setting any profession,” explained Brig. Gen. DAHAN.
“The prospective applicant no longer only roles that correspond to the quality of his crutch, but anecdotal professional skills. A woman with low quality training capabilities demonstrated
Best you can get today for a significant role would be not open her first, thus preventing poor scheduling that would hurt the body’s effectiveness it served, and increase motivation.

The fact that employment screening method has led to a reduction in the gap between the different sectors
She added the sentence conclusion kshl data. The latest report showed a significant reduction in the gap between the number of roles are suitable from the periphery of a number of roles to those living at the Center. In addition, increased
A significant number of roles that were suitable for newcomers, especially from Ethiopia; Thanks to the new method 40% of Ethiopian haolot found suitable for over 30 roles in arms and bodies in. “the data accumulated so far suggests that the employment to reduce the disparities that existed between the different sectors regarding the equality of opportunities”. However, said Brig. Gen. Hussain that “new immigrants and men don’t exhaust still have good employment screening process as other populations and to give special emphasis on these layers.

In addition, as part of a review of the new method, set the master Adjutant officer that ”
The emergency operational faults occurred days at minimum and meaningful scale, and achieved full compliance with operational objectives and quality. “

“Considerably higher satisfaction of Soloman’s sort of decent employment in relation to the process. They appreciate the process contributes to the quality of the setting and given them to demonstrate their skills and allows appropriate positions shbtzm and challenges that can maximize the potential that lies within them, “said Brig. Gen. Dahan,” Soloman reach challenging and significant role that wouldn’t come unless employment screening.

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