The new reality of border Egypt

לוחמים בגזרת הגבול

Sagi Division, believing Israel-Egypt border, gsertit training kit designed to meet the task forces at the border, resurgent terrorist events present impacted the sector recently.

תאריך: 09/10/2012, 12:53    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The perception of security in Egypt border moved numerous upheavals over the last year. The attack in ein Netafim, together with the intensification of the activity
The hostile and terrorist incident that occurred just last month, made a new operating concept in the 80th. Sagi Division, believing Israel-Egypt border, held against the backdrop of all these
Gsertit training designed to meet the troops operating in combat techniques and the latest drills.

Egypt’s border line, but recent events in the sector required the army to deal with terrorist events. This led to the fact that the powers were instead assigned armored vehicles and security work are stationed and axes. Between the protection works, the new barrier, “Hourglass”, brought with it the need for a renewed consideration of the situation in the region. Against the backdrop of all these, the sector commanders understood that training which should meet the officers running the security, operational procedures and drills, Laura, and the IDF brushes at the end of the day the accomplished the purpose of the outline view an attack. It was a special training which became part of the new reality – tactical level as well as operational.

“The drills and techniques designed to enable us to act quickly and make decisions quickly,” he said during the 80th day Commander, Brigadier General expectation, “nadav unadulterated Zit popping from us is to protect
The sector. Therefore requires creativity in the sector analysis and response to challenges.

For this, the IDF response abilities Expo to various challenges. Responding to charges in the sector, including mapping of all kinds and camouflage capabilities of the enemy and how finding, and detoxifies nitrolm. Besides, in case of an infiltration know
Israeli army trackers to track even after attempts at deception on the part of the enemy. Many kinds of vehicles are cut or intelligence purposes, as “ה”רקון “.

With dogs, weapons, intelligence and engineering abilities – by sector commanders varied response to any new challenge facing them. These were presented in the study
Lmpkadim to be a broad concept options faces every situation.

The most important training was made by participants as crucial and directs each control to implement the new approach in Lebanon, and to match the threat and the nature reserve.

Translated from Hebrew