The new World Cup is underway.

The manned pilots in the air force for competition in which they will be required to identify targets, steer around the country and find rocket launchers, each squadron
Determined to prove that she is the best.

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While Italy and Spain struggled on the Euro Cup, UAV squadrons (an unmanned aircraft) were required to report their own mission: World Cup competition.
The surging squadrons all forces challenging day of training, head-to-head face each other.

“It is very difficult to produce new training, Greece moved to constantly engage in operational activities”, Lieutenant Colonel Alon, head of training and guidance department tab. To arrange intensive training, should the Center very much effort. But it was important for us to get the competition, that this return to sanity for the recent pilots frantically perpetrators because of the situation in the South.

Don’t be fooled to assume Training Department intends to facilitate running them, crazy.
Is just the beginning. The exercise starts in the wee hours of the morning, before birds
Managed to squeak. “The first six mission opened”, says Captain Yara, drones and now contracts will commence the second to last five hours and will include the core tasks of the pilots: find rocket launchers and launch squads, and navigation.

Who went to Givat Haviva in the morning that day, maybe you noticed the motorcycle stands by the side of the road. What he didn’t know is that the terms of the new floating away from him, he’s a dangerous biker must quickly. Presently, Fireworks rocket-like place, which made it clear beyond any doubt the importance of the task.

“Using the enemy day allows us to put the dilemmas before the pilots”, highlights major Eyal, head of the day supervisor of fire and smoke from the control. “For example, if one
The ‘ get out of the car-is to keep track of the vehicle rather than him.
At the same time, required operators to face additional challenges: weather, breakdowns in communication and navigation even without GPS. “Those things we may experience them and need to know how to deal with them,” explains major.

Just like in a real world, viewers (or in this case: Training Department) stand up and yell voltage towards the screens. “Well, you! Don’t give up now, “sounding reading from the corner of the room,” a little more. There, loud in the stands. The excitement may appear puzzling for those who do not understand the rules of the game, and only trees and fields of gaze from the screen.

“We had to go through as many points as possible in a short time, came from Phoenicia to the Golan Heights,” says Deputy provides the first squadron “Mel participate in the run. “It was very hard to find some purpose, that they were in a wooded area. Whether they are able to succeed in the complex task? “Of course we made it,” smile, “drones operators, our job is to decipher the image trailer without wasting time, and we’re good. That’s like asking if they know the Golani shoot. “

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