The next challenge: combat intelligence collection officers train like Marines

הלוחמים במהלך הקורס. צילומים: “במחנה”

Dozens of outstanding collection officers took part in the commando course, inspired by American Marines. A series of intensive training emphasizes surprise drills and pressure of uncertainty

תאריך: 01/08/2012, 19:23    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Under the cover of fog, overnight closing outstanding collection officers at that lies between the green hills. After the measures are activated, advanced from the warriors to the mmalkd, and sneak into place. The link takes
The detonator, and the journey to the next grade, where she lays. A long night walking young officers among the Ramot Menashe, when each region awaits them a complex task with another character. In the morning they get a few hours sleep, fall, endless trips cousins, but not quiet-blah answer within a few hours, iokapzzo new mission area is different, every time another one of them finds himself at the head of the convoy.

The next challenge: combat intelligence collection officers train like Marines

Ten combat collection officers are evaluated especially were sent this month to seal a u.s. Marines-Marines. Intensive training series, nicknamed “challenge course” emphasis centers on surprise and atmosphere exercises out of uncertainty.

“We took the top of the class of all arrays, mobile and skilled warriors (meaning the fighters that are collecting vehicles such as raccoon-a. s.),” an IDF officer Haji site of combat intelligence collection Corps, Lieutenant Colonel aadi.
“We don’t intend that the high command of the soldier. The aim is to enhance their feeling of being capable to lead them to challenging extreme conditions, with many physical problems and saturated with enemy, and show them that they can lead men in these situations.

The exercise, held for two weeks throughout the country, jobs in each of the hardships of the commanders to exercise-borders in the North to the South.
The schedule of the exercise, since the main element was the intensity, the trend is more pronounced in recent years. “We got that feeling of uncertainty so significant that people find themselves most of the time thinking about what will happen,” explained Lieutenant Colonel. However, it is possible to specify that only a chain of observation exercises and combat fighter practices, and “challenge” contains unique activities like a comprehensive series of improving what skills did not get to practice on a daily basis, such as shooting, and creative workshops and self empowerment that a photo of the soldier moved the collection.

Strengthens cooperation between cohorts.

The inspiration for this came following a visit of combat intelligence collection Officer (קאס”ר), Brigadier General Eli Pollak, u.s. After watching the exercise, marine ל”קצינים mission leaders, siq קאס”ר commando course would be necessary to strengthen the skills of observation and the most talented officers and soldier
To empower the self. The course will be about eight months from now in time. “Take part in the top third of the soldier,” explained the agenda Prime collecting. “We chose officers who already have experience in command, as the idea is to hold the best and bring them to the ground. From next year the course will be held in winter.

The course ended with a ceremony led by Meron mountain, קאס”ר shgavat the troops reached its peak.
On this issue, “said Lt. Col. Tal managed to bring not only to cope with the difficulties
The operational and physical, but also to strengthen cooperation between the various regiments of the new recruits …-commands summarized the course they treated that created fertile dialogue with advice on command and improving skills, all this in an atmosphere, intensive mentoring of officers and high motivation.

Translated from Hebrew