The next generation of Navy: operational management screen

The next version of צי”ד system (digital army) will offer several options for current commanders for operations in the field, such as potential attack points or rating the severity of threats in real-time

תאריך: 17/04/2013, 13:00    
מחבר: רביד חרובי וליאור צרור, ”במחנה“

צי”ד system (Army Digital)-autumn blossom-presentation:” employees “at Elbit recently on upgrading combat management system, which allows to offer several ways of
Possible operation commanders on the battlefield, so that they can decide in real time about the soldiers. The system will allow the Commander to observe where he should advance troops, which should point to attack and the severity of the threats.

צי”ד ב”אלביט “project mirror oak, indicates that the next generation of the system allows sophisticated troubleshooting in real time, as opposed to the existing version of the system, marks the friendly positions next to enemy forces locations only. “The system decides
The Commander how to run, but it offers a possible solution which is capable of
Choose the best option for him, “explains haruvi.

The next generation of Navy: operational management screen

צי”ד רמ”ח in the ICT Division of GoC army headquarters, Colonel NIR Salomon says that “we want to make your tool fleet will help us more effectively in operational activities. According to the plan, the new system will also receive the classes and symbols and its use will focus primarily on dedicated operations and colon-such as arrests. It is estimated that it will reach the area for another three years.

Translated from Hebrew