The northern command call for youth to join the medical profession

To strengthen the medical value of פצ”ן, as part of the lessons of Lebanon,
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תאריך: 02/06/2013, 18:11    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Training young doctors to treat severe conditions under fire is a theme that invested in which means and resources now in northern command comes first project to learn more military medicine among high school students.

Strengthening the system of medicine that פצ”ן is only one axis order extensive lessons produced in command following the second Lebanon war. The war over, it was because of different threats and topographic conditions. Following the war, produced many lessons about preparedness, readiness and the powers of medical personnel in times of war, which are implemented in the various qualifications.

The northern command call for youth to join the medical profession

“We accepted to join the project, which the center inside a high school student interested in learning medical professions in the future,” said the IDF site p. Chief of Medicine of northern command, Maj. Dr. Konstantin zovkov.

“Raise the motivation to join the runway

Medical Corps found it necessary to harness the benefits of such a project, which will benefit the air force’s needs in terms of health, strength and professionalism.
“Medical corps there is a medical school in the country, which the military already learned from the first year, and qualified doctors to treat military too.
We wanted to expose medical issue contents for students approaching their enrollment and therefore this project is very important to, “explained Maj. Dr. zovkov.

The northern command have taken seriously the cooperation, and under Mr. (medical command Commander), Col. maddening, created an entire process that reflect your potential doctors and military training route. Under the program, the students met with doctors and paramedics who explained about the track, and experienced field treatments medical simulators emulate casualty treatments.

Flower Medicine Association works for changing and improving the level of awareness among youth and adults in the field of medicine in Israel. Runs study programs in the field of medicine and healthcare across the country for students, designed to help promote health education. “We saw a lot of interest and there is no doubt that the process raises the motivation to join the track” concluded Mr. Assistant.

Translated from Hebrew