The northern command improve competency of medical teams

צוותי הרפואה של פיקוד הצפון מתאמנים בשטח. צילום: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

In command was established recently a first medical training, medical training Planner teams this year, so for the sake of improving competence each scenario

תאריך: 11/05/2012, 17:48    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The northern command decided to put more emphasis on improving the medical teams now examine for cause in operational area. To do this, add to the medical officers commanding general new standard:
Head of medical training. The role is a role that is unique to the northern command, which is unparalleled in other commands.

Head of medical training in the northern command, Maj. Saba Saba, is one who is appointed at the end of the day on the medical personnel service. Ongoing training which he is responsible, major appliance and wearing the GPS units Saba North to many situations require to save lives. When necessary, require doctors and wearing combat units to be prepared for various scenarios, having practiced their work. “This role was created
Due to the understanding of the need for involvement in medical training, in order to make improving competency units, “said IDF major site Saba.

The northern command improve competency of medical teams

The main occupation is improving the performance of the reserve and regular units. There.
It organizes training programs training packed רמ”ד and intensity, as well medical training shbchllan dedicated to fighting a week old, תאג”דים in the field (field clinics),
Casualty handling etc. The training will be special units warriors, the Warriors armor, and artillery. “The result is to bring maximum competency units for the next war,” added Maj. Saba.

The largest amount of medical units in the IDF is currently in the northern command, which requires greater maintenance and maintaining fitness. Besides combat readiness,
Dealing with it responsible to deal also with injuries, accidents occurring on gsertam. If necessary, patients also need to help citizens.

Next week will now examine for cause medical corps day centered on competition between the teams. The competition will be held among the medical units of the three commands.

Translated from Hebrew