The Northern exposure

Kfir Brigade goes to the Golan Heights for the first time in its history, but besides the operational commitment to she would keep her figure, see also have Kfir commitment to

תאריך: 13/11/2012, 18:44    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Those who choose to travel in the Golan, scenic views, peaks and blossom. But through the sense of clarity and calmness that we position the level region, bloody wars, and every piece of land which is a piece of history. The Kfir Brigade, which rises to regimental training first in the Golan Heights since its inception, chose to focus on the operational aspects of not just the region, but to instill in you the command hierarchy and morshti, through concentrated them days undergoing
Before dawn.
Brain and initiated the Brigade’s staff officers, decided together with the divisional staff to edit rounds level tours before boarding, training them.
Emphasis on history. “The initiative comes from the understanding that the Division, which becomes Division manipulated and will move in, a turn very significant, so should refer to educational level also practice and ethical as operative level,” noted the education officer, regimental Deputy Yael.
The tours, which were conducted in several rounds, all the division commanders and officers, Second Lieutenant Colonel level to patrol all terrain analysis to determine facts by the regimental intelligence officer, and with sector patrols passed by expert guide the nature and Parks Authority, which gave overviews of major geographic observations, and regional history. Each tour was led by another commander, brigade level and up, and he was responsible for the operational aspects and member of professional moral aspect of the tour.
“Every officer in the regiment before the tour, and we were able to integrate the values and educational reconnaissance based on knowledge, along with patrol mission and operational, and we got the goal that each control that cost to recognize it and to understand both the educational implications”, said the Deputy. “Now, who wants to move the millimeter ware for its soldiers to the region can do so with an understanding of the importance and significance, and if you call the flag could fight through an understanding of all aspects required.

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