The now struggling with illegal labour phenomenon of veterans in the u.s.


ב”עגלות work” effect is felony on American law. אכ”א, Brigadier General Moshe alush רמ”ט said: “we will continue to fight the illegal phenomenon.”

תאריך: 25/08/2013, 14:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל


For now against illegal labour phenomenon in the United States – and enhance the guidelines. In recent years an increase in the number of the released soldiers who leave after military service to the United States to engage in illegal work.  This method is called by most “carts”, and is actually working for Israeli companies operating in shopping malls.

Also, emphasize manpower Division
Because this work is marketed by many companies such as entailed in monetary compensation, relying on the will of the world are watching and get drunk for a living.
For these jobs deal, discounts the companies employees designed to get a tourist visa to the us, although this is a serious offence to American law.

Follow the phenomenon and found that once faced the soldiers and soldiering tugging on representatives of American immigration authorities forbid entry to the USA more. Typically, this offense leads to prevent entry into the u.s. for life and sometimes
In federal prisons.

אכ”א רמ”ט, Brig. Gen. Moshe alush, posted a letter on the subject to the unit commanders which stated that “the concern and commitment of the IDF soldiers are released and, thinking that move soldiers and soldiering facing release
The severity of the problem, which cannot be performed on a tourist visa.

The army units were asked to deliver a message to the soldiers. “Please clarify the proper ExampleFor your men that are expected to take responsibility for the safety and the future”, said Brig. Gen. 2 in. Additionally,
In care continue to track this phenomenon and fight. “We, on our part, we will continue to operate every
The means available to combat illegal phenomenon, in cooperation with
The u.s. Consulate representatives, both information and aspects in the enforcement aspects “, said אכ”א רמ”ט.

Translated from Hebrew