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אילוסטרציה: חייל בהסוואה בשטח, צילום: דובר צה”ל

In dress, when presented with many different measures.
For camouflage. Introducing the camouflage suit of the IDF and the technology that makes it possible to detect even the cloak.

תאריך: 23/02/2013, 20:21    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

You have to dress up in Halloween, but it’s regular army.
Various units accessories and haberdashery, do not characterize the sampling and the landscape, which consists usually in khaki green identified so much with the army. Items designed to hide from a hostile eye, or highlight to be seen and will see, they have been part of the lineup of the Warrior. Don’t wait for Halloween to use them — they take part in operational activities that occur throughout the year.

Suit up!

Costumes play a crucial time when it comes to current military activities: unlikely area look a soldier disguised as a clown or a COP, but living units and special units or rock tree costume from the time the skill required. When running
In several sectors, each with its own external characteristics, the IDF has become an expert when it comes to camouflage capabilities. The basic product which is used by the people around to suit. These suits nelbshot usually by snipers and fighters special units, which also deals and activities can take days.
The suits are usually breaks the fabric, blurring the lines of soldier or another body, so she nelbsht chshalipa embeds the soldier within the environment.

One of the suits used by the IDF is “camouflage suit my age” primarily used snipers. It can completely disappear from view in an ambush in a forest; You can adjust it and let her other attributes, like change the color to the right range or add synthetic or natural elements on her, and make her look like a tree or a Bush. Another military outfit, especially in special units, is “Wohl” suit. This suit is characterized by Rocky gray to blend in with the desert and rocky outline.

D network

Another familiar tool used by the army: in camouflage nets come in different sizes and are used to disguise a single pawn through to large tank dimensions.
The nets come in different shades and intended for fighting describe. Two-sided networks, one of them designed for the area and the other to my desert area.

In recent years, workers in these networks to give solutions to observations and ambushes. “In recent years, thermal observation became available and so inexpensive that they can be easily purchased over the Internet,” explained a. רמ”ד clothing the Logistics Department, Captain Elad Manor,” such measures come into the hands of the enemy, which allow him to identify the body standing in front of him, even beyond suits and camouflage nets.
Thermal system easy to distinguish, as it absorbs the heat emitted in relation to the environment. Therefore, part of the camouflage undergo special chemical treatments to lower as much as possible the thermal signature of the same body, which makes it difficult to identify using optical devices.

Sometimes units have unique items, following an operational requirement or another. For example, you can see in the unit, which most activity focuses on desert terrain.
And urban The Logistics Department the butt only developed for West point and special shoes. “We found that these items are suitable for the purpose – reducing hatbtot
In the field – and decided to implement them in, “said קמ”ד, “Department currently winning items only positive criticism, and we examine the IDF implemented them at all.

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