The opening shot Navy week: race of Israel

מירוץ חיל הים, אתמול. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The race crosses the State of Israel and the plus sign to the community. Navy commander: “the faith and the security of the beaches by day and by night. Viewed

תאריך: 09/10/2013, 16:33    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
צבא העם

Navy week weekend Army Navy soldiers opened the week of the Corps, who rose quickly in the finish the prestigious captains course cadets while taxing, it will expose the mask ceremony mate.
The opening shot came last week at the annual naval race, which was sent by the Navy commander, Gen. RAM Rothberg.
The race opened the cadets who complete the class captains. The soldiers and airmen also participated in the race which was held this morning.

In a speech the week the Navy said Gen. Rothberg that “dark force and arm we run along the shores of Israel, those beaches we loyal them day and night throughout the State.” He added the Navy commander that “I am happy to open this week. We design and build naval tradition. I am proud of the spirit of the young, vigorous combat leading the Navy today.

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The idea
The symbols behind the race is strengthening Brotherhood of warriors, of running at them they keep on ships and bases. The race, over two days and will end this evening, passing through the country, Rosh Hanikra to Eilat, when each section moving warriors
The flag of the Navy until the end of the runway.

Race take part all IAF troops from tyre fighters until the text (command and control). “The race opens Navy week is an opportunity for the officers, commanders and soldiers to reinforce the fighters and bad value. When we started this tradition, but we want to make it an icon, “said the IDF site רמ”ח training theory
In the Navy, Colonel Yoav Kader. “This race represents our link to through habit, running paths along the shores of the country. We protect these beaches 24/7, “he added.

The race was held this year in a sign of the Corps to the community, where students combine
On the side of the race. “We combine students from grades k-12 in the race, and thus are also used as leverage to connect with the community. We combine the students also parts of battle, this time focusing on mainly during the Yom Kippur war, “concluded רמ”ח in Navy.

Translated from Hebrew