The operations were arrested in Tel Aviv bombing

The activists behind the bombing, Hamas-affiliated and buck, arrested last night as part of a large-scale operation in expected additional arrests.

תאריך: 22/11/2012, 23:44    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

For release: IDF action together with the Israel Police, and arrest the perpetrators of the bombing last trunk line 142 in Tel Aviv. Members of the terrorist organization, most
From House to vomit bgsert Ramallah (road 443), were arrested during the operation, the IDF conducted extensive arrests last throughout Judea and Samaria.

In a preliminary investigation in India, sit members of the Organization, which is affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad that have agreed to carry out a terrorist action against Israel because the trunk in Tel Aviv and used a cell phone to activate it remotely.
Interrogations revealed that members of the Organization recruited Israeli Taybeh residents, originates from the KIA. For luggage Tel Aviv synagogue, took advantage of his employer, an Arab resident of East Jerusalem, without his knowledge.
The payload was placed inside the bus by an Israeli citizen resident of Taybeh, which update handler at puke who blew up the trunk by the device.

In the last attack, a suicide bombing on a bus near a camp of 142 Rabin in Tel Aviv. 27 people were wounded.

The reply stated that the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected.

Translated from Hebrew