The operators of drones “Pictionary” in Judea and Samaria

Apprentice school to unmanned aerial vehicles were operational employment in Judea and Samaria, which helped the troops alive, and even join arrests

תאריך: 09/07/2012, 13:54    
מחבר: מאי אפרת, אתר חיל האוויר

Judea and Samaria is no stranger to the aircraft operators manned.
During their operational activity, they are exploring these areas, working with ground troops and help secure pray at Joseph’s Tomb. However, not every day great.
Run future drones on, donning a e, taking weapons and taking a catch.

This week, for the first time left school to apprentice went operational employment in Judea and Samaria. They underwent training and ranges, to know the sector and joined the Brigade’s regiments kfirs and Noah Pictionary “everything”, said Captain Tom, at school. “It also includes, saves and arrests.”

This is a new initiative, which first entered school in training of operational employment triggers, to strengthen the skills of future officers. “At the end
The course, the students receive degrees of second lieutenant and a big responsibility on my shoulders. Command experience can enhance their sense of responsibility, not always see things the way the air force, “says major Tom. “This is a chance to get out of the bubble of the force, and to look at things from the perspective of a soldier on the ground.”

Not only for the students of the course were breaking. Kfir fighters and also rest not used to stand at the post along with the operators of drones at the beginning were suspicious to us, asking why the air force, are not warriors, what they will do. But I quickly realized that we speak the same language, and together we were able to achieve beautiful, Tal, one of the students in the course. “We went to with the forces, while less than a month came with her from above and keep them. You feel the fear, the sensations, and can connect them to the world and to know what to say to help train fighters.

“As future officers, us exactly why we’re doing this,” says Tal. “We won’t have many soldiers below, but we need to show leadership. To be good at real-time trailer should connect to.

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