The outgoing yoach: “the IDF is the body most effectively in Israel.”

Brig. Gen. from Hearne attacked the prosenfr calls for cuts in the defense budget and argued that such cuts must be conducted responsibly, referring to IDF and security etgrio without mochnoto

תאריך: 12/12/2011, 15:25    
מחבר: אביחי חיים, אתר צה”ל

“The State needs to act pragmatically and responsibly, to look at strategic threats around us, and to find creative solutions to budget cuts, without harming the IDF mochnoto”-so said today (Monday) financial advisor to outgoing Chief of staff, Brig. Gen. from Harran, prosenfr in Israel’s business conference “held” Globes “.

Referring to defense budget transparency, said Brig. Gen. prosenfr that is “through complete transparency” and “defense budget to remain the responsibility of the Defense Ministry and Israel Defense Forces. He noted
Because the Treasury, Ministry of Defense, accessible to all data related to the defense budget, as approved in the Knesset. “There is complete transparency. All the orders of the Defense Ministry and Israel Defense forces confirmed by the Treasury – the way things work, “said the outgoing yoach.

However, Brig. Gen. prosenfr said that “there is no reason why the Treasury Department officials approve
Operational and military factors in, no matter what rank, act or carry out
Operation or deployment. It doesn’t work that way in any army in the world, especially in Israel, the IDF will not be able to be conducted in accordance with the budgetary decisions directly from the Office.
The treasure. “

Fundamentally, the outbound yoach sought to put the defense budget in the world speaking notable proportions and the security challenges facing the IDF’s agenda. “the IDF is an army poor relative to other armies, because it is based on the State budget, which is relatively limited budget. Unlike the u.s., our system is based on the development of weapons to various challenges in the air, at sea and on land. This is the framework in which
We are and we need to continue to manage it responsibly and in consideration of challenges and threats to opened, “added Brigadier General prosenfr.

The outgoing yoach strongly condemned the allegation regarding the effectiveness of IDF island and claimed that “the State budget there are ‘ threatened ‘ are much more than btcatib. Knowing, with the budget, that the IDF is effective financial body in Israel.

Translated from Hebrew