The page don’t show: pay slips will be dropped and replaced by function and application of funds

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Starting next week will allow the best signing form to cancel receiving a paycheck. The move is expected to help the environment and save money amounts

תאריך: 23/10/2013, 08:06    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל


Also now glue down: exemplary Department (Department of retirement services, and payments) have launched parallel to the IDF pay app application and finances, which provides these services to soldiers – duty, in the reserves and retired.

These days operate in a model to promote the app and raising awareness, in an effort to cancel the stamps are being printed and will contribute greatly to the environment. Alongside – starting from next weekend each rallied Terry to sign a cancellation fee slip that is printed another recruitment – and join another application services the first step.

With the launch of the IDF, the app also provided regular updates and news on the military also decided to introduce the field of wages and funds for smartphones. “We realized masterpiece should get into this medium, and enter a world that is based on applications, told IDF website רמ”ד at greedy methods, Maj.
Martin Burstein.

Payroll and financial application prompt paycheck, and allows viewing of pay slip two days before the first of the month, which is the date the funds to bank accounts. “To allow troops to ensure that the amount corresponding to the amount they deserve, and allows application available anywhere any time and displays the data in an orderly fashion,” explained Maj. Burstein.

The application will be updated soon and display graphical data with different cross-section and can be also different options of data analysis. Starting in military computer account will be sent an email that will allow soldiers to undo the pay slip that is printed, in addition to two other processes. “This is a tremendous money saver,” said רמ”ד at greedy methods.

The entrance
The application is done using the personal data of the soldier, the officer or retired: personal number or driver’s license number and employee number or identification number (which appears on the certificate of the officer/NCO/retired). Upon entering the first sent to your personal phone password, you’ll use the user chnisothio. “For that matter, the troops Ribbon deadline – everybody can access the app and view details”, major Alexander.

In order to expedite the processes and to promote the application, decide on a model for cooperation with other entities in the field of military personnel entering the Center and. “From next week be able to enlist fresh best book app and the pay slip more than their first month in Israel,
Said רמ”ד model methods

ERP system used in enable
The transfer of information about cancellation of the printed certificate for exemplary systems, and a few days gets the password’s application. “Entering set and lay representatives also explain about using the app, and also allowed to sign off acceptance of coupons printed,” added Maj. Burstein. According to estimates, both the above collaborations
150,000 are expected to convert to digital stamps coupons. The application itself has been approved by the information security department in the IDF and is secured accordingly.

Translated from Hebrew