The paratroopers brigade has completed exercise dropped: “get anywhere it takes.”

תרגיל הצניחה, אמש. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The conclusions were applied in the field of safety and their effective gathering deep inside enemy territory. Makhoul paratroopers: “prove more important ability in the IDF’s capabilities.”

תאריך: 25/07/2013, 17:01    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב ומערכת אתר צה”ל


The paratroopers had dropped a divisional exercise week. Last year held the first Division for 15 years the dropped full regimental and now intend to continue the practice of strategic capability.

During the exercise, the dropping of the conclusions have been implemented upheld last year, especially in the field of safety and efficient Conference warriors paratroopers after their landing in the enemy. In a decrease in the severity of injuries in relation to the previous exercise. Several paratroopers wounded up easy
Very much.

“The Division finished combat employment in Gaza during which we
Preparations for the exercise. No paratroopers had long preparations set to land a big force in the enemy, “said the IDF paratroopers brigade website, Colonel Eliezer Toledano.

Mattis emphasized that the importance of this exercise is that we prove and practice that at any given moment the IDF could take a large number of soldiers and take them inside
The enemy. The jump is more ability in the IDF’s capabilities, we can reach us anywhere. “

The paratroopers brigade has completed exercise dropped: “get anywhere it takes.”

During combat for the briefing exercise brain said
Because every paratrooper plane door going. Natural to be afraid, but the paratroopers inside away from fear.
We’re the only ones that are tested against the fear also in training and him. Commanders take a compass and vote on Greece. I look at all of you and I you the confidence. “

Deputy Commander of the Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Itamar Ben-Haim, said that “in this scenario, you can disconnect from your Department and find your friends. Can be fighting with people who aren’t your Department we educate officers, understanding and responsibility. “

The paratroopers brigade has completed exercise dropped: “get anywhere it takes.”

The paratrooper landing with full equipment they need according to
The tmctatam in the battlefield, and also heavy apsniia paratroop unit, including heavy vehicles that allow for continuous and prolonged activity paratrooper in enemy territory after landing. The drop is a move to open an intense workout that carried paratroopers over the coming months.

In parallel with the operational experience gained in warriors, the Warriors repeatedly talk about the unique experience providing such training. Citrus: Bensimon, the engineering company of the battalion, said “the best thing in this exercise is the difference between noise belonged before parachuting into silence after the parachute opens.

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