The permanent military court: Army COP killer haven’t suffered alone.

צילום: איתי כהן

The military court of appeals rejected the appeal of a Palestinian convicted Yusef Abu ‘ ADI, in the murder of a military policeman NIR Kahane was in 2005 at the Qalandia checkpoint. The appellant claimed that during the execution of the murder had, but the judges ruled that he was aware of the seriousness of his actions and idaologim motives.

תאריך: 11/11/2010, 16:11    
מחבר: דניאל יום טוב

פסקי דין

The Court of appeals rejected the appeal of Yusef Abu ‘ ADI, a resident of Ramallah, killed five years ago when the military policeman Sergeant NIR Kahana z at the Qalandia checkpoint. The Court also rejected an appeal against the punishment defence and restored the sentence that has been imposed on Abu ‘ strangled.

The appellant never disagreed that he had decided to kill an IDF soldier and thereafter acquired China and traveled to the Qalandia checkpoint. When he reached the place noticed the Kahana, who was distant from his friends, and
Therefore decides to stab him. The killer approached the soldier and stabbed him in the neck, stab.

Throughout the conduct of the trial and the appeal stage, the killer to argue that he suffers from mental illness and is therefore not responsible for his actions. The military court of appeals rejected the argument, when stated that Abu ‘ suffering a mental illness, but was in a State of remission when killed. The Court was based on the provisions on the experts who testified in the case and the facts related to the incident.

As noted, the military court rejected appeals appeal too protect the punishment on the grounds that the appellant was not ש”החלטת a momentary decision but stemmed from design. Although generally the vile deeds personal condition, fit to justify his actions in ideological explanation is far from “existential despair” has claimed.

For that added the military strike “against the appellant’s circumstances meets
The IDF soldier killed, 20, who died as he stood on guard to protect the security of the State of Israel. “

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